Everyone loves a bargain. Even rich people must love a bargain! Isn’t it so satisfying when you buy something knowing you got it for 1/2 the price it originally was?! It is important that businesses are offering deals to current and potential customers so that they can experience this satisfying feeling of saving some money while still treating themselves. Here are a few reasons why offers are great for businesses-  

New and returning customers 

As I already mentioned, people love buying stuff when it is on sale and bagging themselves a bargain. Therefore, discounts and offers are a great way of attracting new customers to your business and the products you sell. Some businesses may feel uncomfortable doing deals, as they may worry, they will lose profit, but put it this way… if a product is expensive, people are less likely to actually buy it, they may want it and think about buying it, but the majority of people are unlikely to go ahead and splash out, and if they do it will be a one-time purchase. However, if you were to announce a sale (especially if you stress that is for a ‘LIMITED TIME ONLY’) people are likely to ponder less over whether they should buy the item, and instead rush to your store and purchase immediately! Hey, they may even tell others to go and buy! Once they know that you are a business that puts on sales, they are more likely to want to keep updated in case of any other future sales, possibly making them a returning customer! 

Increase sales in general  

You are likely to see an increase in sales, which means you won’t lose profit, if anything you will gain! Let’s give an example, if a device is selling for $600, yes you will get a few people who are willing to pay this, but you’ll probably sell a few a day…

However, if you were to decrease this price to $300, and state this is a once-in-a-lifetime deal that will only last the weekend, you will have people running to your store, probably more customers than you’ve ever had. Also, while people are in the store, they may have a browse of your other products and find something they really like, and buy this too… especially if it too has some money off. This will make it easier to meet sales goals 

Boost reputation   

A very good way of promoting your business is giving people something to speak about; if people are so happy with the bargain they have just got, they will go and tell people about it! If people tell their friends, who likely have some similar interests as them, this may make their friends want to go and buy the same! Some businesses may offer discounts to certain groups of people such as the elderly, students, those in the armed forces, etc; this will give the business a positive reputation, as people will see that they are thinking about those that may appreciate or even need to save money. Everyone can find some great promo codes from top1. 

Be the best of ‘your kind’ 

If you are a business that sells products that people can purchase in a variety of different stores, it is especially important to offer good deals. If someone is able to find a better offer elsewhere, you have just lost a customer, and probably more than 1! Before buying, people like to look around to see if prices vary from store to store, and of course, they will end up purchasing their product from the store which can offer them the best price! Therefore, businesses need to be competitive with their prices, they need to be researching themselves what other places sell the same products and ensuring their deals are the very best! 


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