Marketing and advertising these days have gone almost completely online. Advertising is not the same as it used to be and instead of looking out for ads in newspapers and on the local radio stations, ads are now seen every time someone goes online or logs into their social media account. Just because more modern advertising techniques are being used more frequently, this does not mean that older advertising techniques are completely obsolete.  

A type of advertising that is still frequently used is billboard advertising. Billboard advertising has been around for a long time and it has proven to be an effective means of advertising and has continued to have a lot of success. Many people believe that billboards shouldn’t be used in 2021 as they are outdated, but this really is not the case. Here are the advantages of using billboard advertising in 2021. 



One of the reasons that billboards continue to be so popular is due to the locations they can be placed in. Billboards are often placed in areas with a lot of traffic and most importantly traffic lights, which means that cars will have to stop next to them.  

Due to being unable to just look at your phone in your car, waiting around in traffic can be extremely boring. For this reason, the eyes often start to wander and take in what is around us. If there is a huge billboard in plain sight, then it is likely that we will spend the time reading it and taking in what it has to say. If a road gets thousands of people driving down it every day, then that is thousands of people that have seen your advertisement and it will stick with them, especially if you have used a catchy visual or colors that really make your billboard stand out.  


You can’t skip a billboard 

Though a lot of online and digital advertising techniques are very effective for the most part, there is always the option to skip an ad or even download an ad-block. This means that if you place an ad online, many people could easily skip it without even seeing what the advertisement is about. The beauty of the billboard is that nobody can skip it, which means that if they can see it, then they have no choice but to look at it.  

This is great for any company that is trying to spread information. For example, if you have a business where you sell cbd oil, you will know that half of the struggle is trying to educate people on all of the positive effects that CBD oil has. If people are unable to skip your advertisement, then they will take in any information that you have put on this billboard, so you can really educate people on your product without the fear of all of your information simply being ignored and forgotten as soon as have moved past your advert. 


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