Social media is a boon to people who want to expand, promote and market their business. But how is social media helpful for a real estate agent? Well, it can help the agents in finding a wider audience at the right time and in the right place! According to the National Association of REALTORS social media is used by 77% of real estate agents. The array of social media platforms and the real estate marketing schemes might seem overwhelming. To help you get started, here are some practical tips that will help you to get the most of social media marketing for real estate!

  1. The basic steps:

If you have not created your social media profiles yet, then this is the first step that you should follow:

  • Facebook profile: If you post from your personal account, then you should consider setting up a business profile on Facebook. Not only this is more professional but also it allows you to gain access to useful business tools such as page analytics, promotion of posts etc. The Facebook algorithm favors images and videos more. So make sure to have more of that. Try it create a lot of engagement through comments and shares, as it will help you to market better.
  • Instagram profile: Instagram is one of the best social media sites to promote your business. Since it is a visual platform, you need to make sure that every post is visually appealing. Use interactive captions, hashtags etc. to make your post even more compelling!
  • LinkedIn profile: If you are running your own real estate business, make sure to create a LinkedIn page for your business. Being a professional platform, LinkedIn provides a great opportunity to build a network with other real estate agents, connect with clients and connect with real estate brokerages.
  1. Post strategically and consistently:

For creating a successful social media platform for your real estate business, you need to be consistent with your posts. This will help you to provide value to your audience and will also motivate buyers to keep returning. So your main goal should be creating enough interactions for your audience in the form of posts and videos. Though being strategic and consistent with your posts can be overwhelming in the beginning and will be a tough balance to maintain, the good news is that you can always adjust it! Keep a track whether you are gaining followers, increasing the engagement, etc. This will tell you if you are keeping the balance right!

The social media software can help you to schedule your posts beforehand. This will also give you the freedom to and attend closings, work open houses and meet with clients.

Although posting frequently is important, you should also keep a note to the type of your content. These contents can be divided as follows:

  • Promotional posts: Such posts can be advertisements of new properties, your brand or on open houses, or your brand in general. You can post photos, organize virtual tours or use Facebook’s 360-degree photos and live streams.
  • Informative posts: With the help of informative posts, you can answer your buyer’s queries or shares tips. You can also give decoration tips or maybe DIY renovation project ideas.
  • Entertaining posts: Such posts might not be related directly to real estate, but it is a great way to engage your followers. You can put up reviews of the restaurants in town and so on.
  1. Provide stories behind your properties:

Try to incorporate stories behind your listings. This is why you are telling more than just the basic information regarding the estate and are also connecting better to your potential buyers. Here are some examples:

  • Tell the story of the neighborhood: Whenever you are posting the listing of a new real estate listing, make sure to provide more details than just the price and features of the house. Try to include the details about the neighborhood, the daily commute available, landmarks near the estate etc. This will help the buyer to get a vivid picture of what it will be like to stay in that house!
  • Provide testimonials of your clients: Client testimonials are a great way to instill confidence and trust in your new potential buyers. If your happy customers are willing to record a video testimonial, go on with it!
  • Share milestones of your business: You can avail LinkedIn to share your success stories. These stories can range anywhere from your 5 years in the real estate business or providing 50 families with great estates!
  1. Use visualization while marketing:

Social media has indeed transformed the way real estate agents connect with clients and buyers. Since social media provides a visual aspect of house buying, it is quite convenient to go online and find dream homes. Since Instagram is a completely visual platform, you can use it to your advantage! If buyers become confused, you can just use the square photo collage feature of Instagram to show the various views of the estate. You can also guide your potential buyers into contacting you for a demo or for an offer.

  1. Do not forget your previous clients:

Social media is a great platform for real estate agents to build and maintain their relationships with their clients. If your clients feel that you are great at maintaining communication, it is very likely that they will contact you for future purchases or they may even recommend your brand to a friend or relative. So how to do this through social media?

You can create informative posts like: things to have handy while moving into a new house. Your posts can also be related to design inspirations, ways to save money on utility bills. You can also provide insights into other contents apart from real estates, such as: best restaurants and cafes in the neighborhood, best schools in the town! This way your clients will never stop checking your social media profiles!

Now that you know the basic steps required to create a successful social media platform for your real estate business, it is time for you to get started! 


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