People are constantly arguing over what is the world’s oldest profession. Some say it is Doctors. Others point to the less savory professions. But we are sticking to the most obvious answer. Sales.

Our early ancestors had to convince their tribe that their newest discovery was beneficial. Change is always scary, and it is the job of marketing to make it seem appealing.

Modern Marketing

Of course, our world is a bit more advanced now. Change isn’t as scary, but we still need marketing to tell us what we want and what we need. And as society has advanced we have found new and more creative ways of marketing products to our customers.

The advent of the printing press made magazines one of the most powerful forms of advertising. Then radio came along and commercials were pushed into existence. These were then ramped up with the introduction of the home television. But we are in the digital age now. And marketing has been pushed into new territory. So that brings us to our question. Is digital marketing all you need?

Digital Market

People spend a lot of their time online. Especially in 2020 as most people were locked down due to the global pandemic. So digital marketing has become increasingly effective. Online adverts are seen twice as much. YouTube has increased their advertisements on videos and more sites are incorporating advert schemes.

To that end, it seems that more physical advertising techniques are dying out. People watch less and less live television, meaning regular adverts are useless. Cinemas are at risk of dying out completely, meaning cinema adverts are a non-starter. Magazines are mainly published online rather than physically.

Pros of Digital Only

So how well would a digital-only marketing campaign actually work? For starters, it would be cheaper by a huge factor. You could reasonably hire Func Media to do content marketing and still have enough leftover that you could run a second marketing campaign.

Physical adverts and printing physical leaflets or adverts is a massive money sink. And considering how much more effective digital adverts are, it seems insane to spend so much money on physical adverts now.

Digital only also allows you to reach a much larger customer base. A billboard, for example, will only reach people in that physical location. Whereas an online advert can be seen globally. And we know that reaching more potential customers is one of the most valuable things to any company.

Another massive advantage is the variety of what you can do with digital marketing. You have everything from viral video campaigns to creating full 3D landscapes or complex media to advertise your product or service. People love wacky and varied art. Digital creation tools allow you to make something that will really stand out. Whereas physical marketing is much more limited in what you can do.

The Cons of Digital Only

Of course, there are always downsides to anything. And a digital-only campaign has its downsides as well. For starters, there is a huge demographic of people who are not as digitally connected as younger people. A digital-only campaign runs the risk of alienating this entire demographic. For any product that is targeted at an older demo, this can make or break your company.

Another downside is, of course, there is far more competition online nowadays. So having some physical marketing could work to your advantage when used alongside digital. But a digital-only campaign will put you at risk of being dominated by your competitors.






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