If you want to select the country where your item will be shipped from, use the dropdown menu next to Shipping origin in the Shipping area. Add a location by clicking Add location. You should fill out the shipping costs per destination below the shipping costs for the countries you wish to ship to. The European Union or the European Union outside of it can also be selected.

Does Etsy Help With International Shipping?

Etsy offers international shipping options for international orders.

How Much Does It Cost To Ship Internationally On Etsy?

Current international pricing

International pricing with free domestic shipping

Item list price



International shipping price



Total price for an international buyer



How Does Etsy Handle International Shipping Work?

Etsy’s international shipping labels are both your shipping label and your customs form when you print them. In order to purchase an international label, you must enter the total package weight and a customs description that accurately represents the items you order.

Can I Ship Internationally With Etsy?

You can open up a huge client base by offering international shipping, regardless of whether you’re a new seller or have been selling for years. Etsy’s international shipping option allows international buyers to find you since most items are only available for shipping to their country.

How Does International Shipping On Etsy Work?

In the US, Etsy partners with Asendia, a provider that receives your package from USPS and then sends it to the buyer through the national postal carrier of the country where the package was received, similar to how USPS handles international packages. You will find the address on your shipping label as one of Asendia’s processing centers.

How Do I Get Free International Shipping On Etsy?

  • To access the settings in Shop Manager, click the Settings link.
  • You can change the shipping settings by clicking this link.
  • You can edit a shipping profile by clicking Edit next to it.
  • You can see how much domestic shipping you charged in this profile by looking at the amount.
  • By doing so, you will reduce the cost of shipping internationally.
  • Your profile will be saved when you click Save.
  • How Do I Calculate International Shipping On Etsy?

  • You can access the Shop Manager section of Etsy.com.
  • To change settings, click the Settings icon.
  • You can change the shipping settings by clicking this link.
  • You can edit an existing profile or add a shipping profile by clicking Edit next to it.
  • Calculate them for me next to Shipping costs by selecting Calculate them for me.
  • The origin zip/postal code that you will ship your orders from should be entered.
  • The processing time can be selected by clicking on it.
  • How Much Is It To Ship Internationally?



    Cost (Retail pricing)


    First Class Package International



    Priority Mail International



    Priority Mail Express International



    UPS Worldwide Expedited


    How Much Does It Cost To Ship With Etsy?

    We introduced a 5% shipping transaction fee on July 1, 2018, which is based on the cost of shipping. In e-commerce marketplaces, this is the same as the 5% transaction fee on the item price. Shipping is also a standard practice when applying the transaction fee.

    Can You Sell Internationally On Etsy?

    The company has 83 countries and sells products in about 20% of them. Surely, shipping domestically is not the best option for you (and your sales) when you have such a large international audience. Finding your way is as simple as providing all the right information – and perhaps some guidance.

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