You can reopen an account on Etsy by going to this page and selecting Reopen your account. The closed account’s email address should be entered. A link will be sent to reopen your account after you receive an email from Etsy. Your account will be reopened when you click the link.

How Do I Recover My Etsy Account?

  • You can find by clicking on You.
  • You will find the Account settings under the Account menu.
  • You can click Privacy to set up a privacy policy.
  • You can delete your Etsy account by clicking Permanently close and deleting it.
  • Please fill out the deletion request form and receive an email with instructions.
  • Can I Open A New Etsy Shop After Suspended?

    It is impossible for you to do that. There is no appeal if the suspension was due to trademark infringement. You can appeal the suspension if it was for something else – open cases for late/no delivery, not as described, reselling, etc. Seller notifications are sent to Etsy before closing their business.

    Why Does Etsy Say My Account Is Closed?

    If you violate Etsy’s customer or seller policies, your account can be suspended. Etsy suspends you for either a temporary or permanent period, so you cannot continue to sell or operate. com. If you want to restart your account, you can appeal it, but Etsy will not grant you permission.

    How Do I Find My Etsy Account?

    On Etsy. Go to Sign in at the top right of You can choose Continue with Google or Continue with Facebook if you enter your Etsy email address and password. You can sign in or confirm your Google or Facebook account by clicking Sign in.

    How Do I Confirm My Etsy Account Without Email?

  • Etsy is pleased to welcome you!…
  • You can register for free.
  • Etsy does not send confirmation emails: If you do not receive a confirmation email, please do not reply.
  • You can sign in to Etsy by going to
  • Your Public Profile page should be filled out with a profile picture and a bio once you are ready.
  • Why Can’t I Access My Etsy?

    Try using one of the backup codes provided to you when you enabled two-factor authentication if you are having trouble with it. It is possible to reopen an Etsy account that you closed. Sell on Etsy’s app and mobile web browser do not allow you to access suspended accounts.

    Can I Open Another Etsy Shop After Suspended?

    If you want to open a second Etsy shop, you can do so. You can sell on Etsy after you have filled out the details, including your name and password. All that’s left is this. You can now sell on Etsy again after opening your shop.

    How Long Does It Take To Unsuspend Etsy Account?

    You have five days to respond to Etsy’s request, and you should prepare for the possibility of suspension. You can also check your reviews and shop ratings.

    Can I Open New Shop On Etsy?

    If you want to open a second Etsy shop, you’ll need to create an account with a different email address. You can create a password by entering an email address not associated with your other Etsy shop. Click Register. You can sell on Etsy by clicking Sell.

    Can I Close My Etsy Account And Open A New One?

    I would like to open a new shop after closing my original one today. You cannot open a new shop under the same Etsy user name as your old one. Under that user name, you can only reopen your old shop and re-name it, but all the items from the old shop will still be there.

    What Do I Do If My Etsy Shop Is Closed?

    Etsy expects you to resolve any open orders if your shop is closed or suspended. If your shop is experiencing a problem, you must either refund buyers or fulfill their orders in the most appropriate manner.

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