The custom request tool is available in your shop’s settings if you wish to create a private, custom listing for your buyer. By doing this, you will be able to create a private listing directly from their request, which means other buyers will not be able to purchase the item from you.

Can You Temporarily Hide A Listing On Etsy?

It is possible to deactivate the listing in your shop if you no longer wish to sell items. Listings can no longer be purchased after they are deactivated from your shop page. It is still possible to reactivate the listing in your Shop Manager.

How Do You Hide Items On Etsy?

  • You can access the Shop Manager settings by clicking on Settings > Options.
  • On the left side of this page, you will find the Sold Listings section.
  • If you want shoppers to be able to see these, select “No, hide them.”.
  • How Do I Make My Listing Private On Ebay?

    The business tool allows you to create private listings. You can enable anonymous buyers in the Selling details section of your listing when you create it by selecting Allow buyers to remain anonymous when creating your listing. By selecting this option, you will be able to conceal the usernames of bidders and buyers.

    How Do I Make My Etsy Private?

  • You can sign up for an Etsy account by clicking the Your Account link.
  • Go to the Your Account page and click the Settings link.
  • On the Privacy page, click the Privacy tab.
  • You can select Only You (Private) under the Favorites section of the Privacy tab.
  • Can You Make A Private Listing Public On Etsy?

    The listing can be copied to create a new one (making any changes necessary to make it more suitable for general listings) and then deactivated.

    Can I Hide Etsy Listing?

    These two steps will help you hide your sold listings page from your customers. You can access the Shop Manager settings by clicking on Settings > Options. On the left side of this page, you will find the Sold Listings section. “What are your wishes shoppers to be able to see these? If you want them to hide, select “No, hide them”.

    Can I Sell On Etsy As A Private Seller?

    If you want your buyers to purchase made-to-order items, you can use private, custom listings on Etsy. Once your shop is open to the public, you will be able to add this feature.

    Is It Bad To Have Too Many Listings On Etsy?

    Customers can often lose track of what they are buying and abandon your business when you have too many items.

    Can I Hide Items On Etsy?

    The number cannot be hidden, but it can only be made non-clickable so that people cannot view the exact sales numbers.

    How Do I Stop My Etsy Listings From Showing?

  • You can sign in to Etsy by clicking here.
  • You will need to click Your account to access it.
  • You will find the Account settings under the Account menu.
  • You can click Privacy to set up a privacy policy.
  • You can clear recently viewed listings by clicking on Clear recently viewed listings.
  • Can You Make Etsy Shop Private?

    Would it be possible to create a store (reserve a Etsy name, upload some pictures, add some content to About Us, etc. ) and not publish it? While I’m not ready to start selling yet, I’d like to get a feel for how a store will look. Thanks!

    What Does It Mean When It Says Private Listing On Ebay?

    When bidding on or buying an item on a private listing, buyers are anonymous. A seller can only see a username if he or she has a username hidden from other members viewing the listing.

    How Do I Make My Listing Private On Ebay After Selling?

  • Choose the format and price section of the form you use to create your listing by clicking on it.
  • You will then be able to check the box for private listing.
  • How Do I Do A Private Listing On Ebay?

  • You can send messages by going to My eBay.
  • Select the email address of the member and send them an offer directly from the email address.
  • The quantity, price, and message should be entered by the buyer.
  • Choosing Submit will take you there.
  • Can I Temporarily Hide My Ebay Listings?

    You can change the time away settings under My eBay > Account settings. The time you want to schedule is selected.

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