If you are using a production partner, you can use mock-ups. Etsy states that listing photos should be of the finished product or an image provided by the production partner that accurately depicts the item the buyer will receive.

How Do I Make My Own Mockups?

  • Make a mock-up from scratch using a design tool.
  • Make reusable mockups by creating them.
  • Make use of a mockup generator website to create your own designs.
  • Make use of a plugin for Mockup Creator.
  • Where Do Etsy Sellers Get Mockups?

  • The best Mockup Generator for Etsy sellers at printful.com.
  • The best place to take realistic lifestyle photos is Placeit.net.
  • The best mockup website for simple, product-focused designs is Pixeden.com.
  • Is It Legal To Use Mockups?

    You may use and modify these images personally or commercially, but you are not allowed to resell, sublicense, or redistribute the mockup file to your client for free, even if it is a free download.

    Can I Make Money By Design Mockups?

    It is certainly an effective strategy to use product mock-ups and project previews together, as well as a great way to re-kindle conversation with past clients and even generate sales and profits. It’s best yet that you can do all this from your own home. You should also treat your clients the same way.

    Can You Use Printful Mockups On Etsy?

    You can edit your mockups right from your Shopify, Etsy, WooCommerce, or Wix store on Printful. By selecting the product you want to edit the mockups for, you can edit it. There will be a list of product variants you have added to your store.

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