Etsy expects you to resolve any open orders if your shop is closed or suspended. If your shop is experiencing a problem, you must either refund buyers or fulfill their orders in the most appropriate manner.

How Do I Shut Down My Etsy Shop?

  • You can find the Shop Manager on
  • You can access the Options menu by going to Settings.
  • The Close Shop tab can be found on the left.
  • Please fill out our short survey before closing your shop if you wish to close it.
  • Can You Close Your Etsy Shop With Open Orders?

    Even if you have outstanding orders to fulfill, you can close your Etsy seller account and close your shop. If you still have open orders, you can put your Etsy shop into Vacation Mode, which will prevent new orders from coming in. If you want to close your Etsy shop, you can delete the seller account and close it from the Etsy website.

    What Happens When I Close My Etsy Shop?

    You may have to wait a while for our system to process your request once your shop is closed. Your Etsy account will become a buyer-only account with no visible shop once your shop is closed. Your existing orders can be accessed, and you can reopen your shop at any time if you wish.

    Can Etsy Shut Down A Shop?

    Etsy requires that you resolve any complaints and pay any outstanding fees before you can close your shop. It is also strongly recommended that you keep your shop open until all open orders have been fulfilled.

    How Do I Open An Etsy Shop After Closing One?

    If you want to open a new shop under your old Etsy user name, you must do so under a different one. Under that user name, you can only reopen your old shop and re-name it, but all the items from the old shop will still be there. If that is what you’re asking.

    Why Would An Etsy Shop Be Closed?

    Etsy stores that have severe problems with inappropriate content or selling copyrighted or illegal products are suspended. In the event that those policies were the cause of the suspension, an appeal would not restore your store or account.

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