If you need to contact Etsy customer service over the phone or internet, you must have an Etsy account. If you need more advanced assistance with buying or selling, you can reach Etsy customer service at (1-844-935-3879 in North America).

How Do I Talk To Someone On Etsy?

You can log in to your account by visiting their contact page. You can find the option that relates to fraudulent charges by selecting the option labeled “Buying on Etsy.”. If you have an issue, you can contact a support rep or send them a message so they can assist you.

Does Etsy Have Support?

Specialists in support. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

Is There An Etsy Chat?

You can find the Etsy Forums at the top right of the page. There is a link for chat, as well as three main chat rooms. You can access chat rooms by clicking “chat rooms”. You can also click red, green, or blue to be taken directly to that chat room. Three main chat rooms are available – Red, Green, and Blue.

How Do I Complain To Etsy?

  • You can create an account on Etsy.com by logging in.
  • You can review purchases and reviews on Purchases.
  • To order, select Help with order next to the order you would like to order.
  • Still need help? Select Still need help?
  • If you want to open a case, select Yes.
  • Then select Next from the list of reasons you want to open a case.
  • Will Etsy Refund Money If Scammed?

    If you are not satisfied with an item you receive or if it is not as described in the listing, Etsy’s case system can help you reach a resolution with the seller. Refunds issued by Etsy will be in your original payment method, and if this payment is not available, an Etsy credit will be issued to you.

    How Do I Contact Etsy Support?

    The shop homepage will appear when you tap Contact. A sign-in button will appear if you have not already done so. Your question should be typed into the textbox. Your message will be sent to the seller, who will be notified.

    Why Etsy Is Bad For Sellers?

    Etsy charges sellers a lot of fees, which sellers complain about the most. There are three fees associated with each item: a listing fee, a transaction fee, and a payment processing fee. Listed below are the fees: Listing Fee: $0. Each product listing includes 20 dollars.

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