Marketing is an extremely important part of any business and generally, those businesses with the best marketing techniques tend to be the most successful and those businesses who don’t put much time and resources into marketing tend to not do as well. Whilst it has remained as important as it always has been, the marketing game has massively changed in the last 20 years. The main reason that marketing has changed in the last 2 decades is that at the start of those 2 decades the internet was not widely used and now it’s one of the most important things in our society. The increased use of the internet forced a change in the marketing game, in the past the most effective ways of marketing were billboards, radio advertisements, and TV advertisements. When most of the population started using the internet, those ways of advertising became much less important. Now, people spend many hours on their phones every day on various websites and social media, so this makes the most efficient way to market through the internet. With all these changes marketing to the younger generation is much different from marketing to the older generation, this can sometimes make it difficult to market to that demographic, so we have found some great tips on how to do it better. 

Social Media

The most effective way to better your marketing skills when it comes to the younger generation is to take advantage of social media. The younger generation on average spends 9 hours a day scrolling through various social media, the most popular being Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram so this gives you plenty of time for people to see your online marketing. The most popular social media to market on as it has the most engagement is Instagram, if you can learn to market well on Instagram then you’ll be doing the best thing you can to reach the younger generation. We found a small guide on how to use Instagram to market, firstly you need to identify your target audience on Instagram, which in this case is the younger generation, then you need to study what they post and create adverts specific to that. So, for the younger generation, you should take advantage of any trending jokes, create fun videos instead of just pictures and if you can create an advertisement that they can engage with then you’ll be ticking all the boxes to market properly on Instagram.  

Remember Mobile Phones

Whilst committing to online marketing is a step in the right direction and using social media massively increases your chances of reaching the younger generation, many businesses forget about mobile phones. A recent survey revealed that 85% of the time when a member of the younger generation is on social media, they’re accessing it from their mobile phone, not a laptop. Many businesses create online advertisements but forget that they also need to create a mobile version, which means that many people won’t be able to see the advertisement. You should also make sure your adverts are designed for a smaller screen, so don’t include too much and make sure any writing is big so it can be clearly read on a small screen.  

Learn Their Language

If you’re trying to market to the younger generation, you have to learn their language and what they like as this will catch their attention. When a business puts in the time and effort to understand the younger generation’s language and humor then they usually pull off a successful marketing strategy. Taco Bell put a lot of effort into learning the language of the younger generation, they would send out a millennial word of the week strategy email to customers, every week with a different word they’d learned from a customer that week, for example ‘on fleek’. This really caught the attention of the younger generation as it was personal to them and something they can engage with. When learning about millennials you’ll realize that they hate advertising. To get around this problem instead of direct advertising you should use outbound advertising and remember to always be authentic online because they’ll be able to tell if you’re not. 


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