You can enter your domain like you did on Facebook Business Manager (so: yourshopname) by going to your Instagram profile: Settings > Business > Shopping > Website. etsy. Select the Select option under the com link (see below).

Can I Link My Etsy Shop To Instagram?

You can easily promote your shop and share updates to sites such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest from your computer or the Sell on Etsy app by using the Social media section in your shop.

Why Is My Etsy Link Not Working On Instagram?

As a result of the platform getting a lot of spam, it has implemented a number of rules for links in the bio section to protect its users. Links to websites with explicit content are not allowed on Instagram. Bitly links are not allowed on the platform. Affiliate links are sometimes blocked on Instagram.

Can’t Share From Etsy To Instagram?

  • You can do this by going to Marketing > Social media on your phone in your Etsy shop.
  • You can post an Etsy listing by clicking the Etsy listing link.
  • You can crop anything you want by clicking that crop tool (we don’t crop anything unless you request it).
  • Save your file by clicking the Save button at the top right corner.
  • How Do I Get The Link To My Etsy Shop?

    The following formats allow you to enter your shop’s URL directly into a web browser’s address bar: https://shopname and https://shop. etsy. com. The website is http://www. etsy. You can find the shop name at

    How Do I Make My Etsy Link Clickable On Instagram?

    You should add your link to your website so that people who visit your Instagram account can easily find your shop. You can make it clickable by putting it in this space, rather than your profile. If you want to add your Etsy shop link directly, type “your Etsy shopname”. etsy. com”.

    Can You Embed An Etsy Shop?

    Click on the “Embed” button on the top right of a Page to embed it. Find a Page and select one of its lists.

    Why Is My Link Not Working On Instagram?

    You should check the following items if your link is not clickable in Instagram bio: Make sure your Instagram account is updated. The link is not in the right place. If you have a good internet connection, you can use it.

    How Do I Make My Etsy Shoppable On Instagram?

  • Create a Facebook Business Manager account.
  • Create a business page for Instagram profile.
  • Create a product catalog to showcase your products.
  • Test products should be included in the catalog.
  • You will need to wait for Instagram/Facebook to approve your application.
  • Instagram should be connected to a product catalog.
  • You can add Etsy products to your catalog by clicking here.
  • Create a new Instagram product post.
  • Watch how to add etsy link to instagram Video


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