There are more social media sites than ever before and every single year social media continues to grow in popularity. There are currently almost 4 billion people worldwide who have active social media accounts. To be successful with marketing and advertising you have to be adaptable and move with the consumers. Years ago most people would choose to advertise on the break in between TV shows and prior to this the best form of advertising was billboards, now most people have Netflix or another streaming service that doesn’t involve adverts so advertising on TV is also becoming dated.

Now, the best place for marketing is social media as the more people you can reach with an advert the better and advertising on popular social media sites like Facebook guarantees you’ll reach a massive audience. It’s undeniable that social media has forced the marketing game to change but it’s hard to say if it’s helped it or hindered it. We’re going to explore this question in more detail to see if we can see if social media has had a positive or negative impact. 

How social media has changed the marketing game

Whilst the purpose of social media, to begin with, was to allow people to connect with friends and family from all over the world, this has developed massively since, and now social media is a massive part of people’s lives. As it began to develop, it provided those who work in marketing with a whole new experience to use for advertising. Social media has allowed for new opportunities when it comes to advertising as it makes it much easier for businesses to reach a large number of people.

On top of this, it also allows for much better engagement between businesses and potential customers. Social media has changed the marketing game in 2 ways, the first is for businesses who are paying for sponsored adverts, like the ones you see on Instagram as you’re scrolling through, and secondly, because it’s given businesses the opportunity to create their own social media accounts in which they can promote themselves as much as they want and receive feedback from their customers and provide even better customer service.  

A recent study has revealed that the average person spends at least 24 hours a week on their phones and most of that time is spent on social media. This has changed the marketing game as people have realized this is the new best way to advertise and that has caused brands to dedicate 33% of their marketing budget to digital adverts, which is up 8% from the previous year.

To properly utilize how great for marketing social media can be it’s important to have a big following, when you have a large number of followers or likes it makes it much more likely that your posts will be shared, which then reaches more people. How much engagement you receive with your posts determines the algorithm, the more interaction the more your posts will be spread by the platform you’re using. If you’re struggling to grow your platform then a quick and easy way to do this much quicker is to buy facebook followers cheap, if your page has a lot of followers it makes other consumers much more likely to also follow your page so this is a better starting point.  

How social media has hindered the marketing game

Whilst on the surface social media seems like a fantastic tool for marketing, as it does provide new opportunities, there are some aspects of the latest changes in the marketing game that could actually be seen as a hindrance. Many people think that social media has actually had a negative impact on the marketing game as it has made the role of a salesperson obsolete.

With the development of technology and the amount of advertising that goes on, consumers have all the information they need about any product and it’s just a Google search away. This has made marketing much harder as 50 years ago if someone wanted to buy a car, they’d have to trust the marketing done by the salesperson, they would have no prior information, and this setup allowed for those who understood the game the best to sell mediocre products. This is not the case anymore, people will do all their own research on social media pages and then most people will even do a quick price check so they can go and purchase their products at the lowest price. This means that marketing is a completely different game now, people who excel at marketing can no longer sell as well as they used to and those who are successful at marketing now are those who have changed with the times.  


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