If you have been a business owner for some time now, then you may have already collected an existing client base. These are clients that have already tried what your business has to offer and have purchased items or used your services in the past. A lot of people forget that it is in your best interest to try and keep your current customers interested, as they have already spent money and invested in your business, which means that they will likely do it again in the future.  It is very common for neglected customers to look elsewhere and the last thing you want is for them to give money to your competitors. Here are effective methods of marketing to existing clients.  

Offer them deals  

If there is something that keeps people interested in coming back to your business, it is the promise of a good deal.  If they have already supported your business in the past then it would do no harm to offer them a small discount. The more that they contribute to the success of your business, the more of a discount that you can offer them.  You want your customers to feel as though they are involved in your business and so you could even offer them a referral code, which means that if they get a friend to purchase from your company they will gain some sort of discount or a cash bonus.  

By offering past customers deals, it will show them that you care about their custom which may result in them coming back to buy from your business which will lead to you gaining more profit. 

Stay Engaged  

The best way to ensure that your existing clients remember the existence of your business is by constantly staying engaged. When someone purchases something from your online business, you can ask them whether or not they would be open to receiving texts and emails from your business and some of them may say yes. If they say yes, you can then send them emails and texts to remind them of any new deals that you have to offer and any brand new products that you may be selling.  

You can send them texts by using an SMS marketing auto reply app, which will not only reply to them when they send messages to the business but can be set up to send out automated responses to everyone that you have on your record. If you have a marketing team, then you can ask them to construct a message for you which will inform all of your past clients on what your business now has to offer. 

Send out free goodies  

Something that is commonly done by businesses as a way to engage any past customers that have bought from the company is sending out free goodies. These goodies don’t have to be anything that is expensive, but it is important that it heavily involves the branding of your business so that people know where the products have come from. By seeing the branding of your business, your past customers may be reminded of your business that they have previously forgotten about. We recommend that you offer them wearable goodies that they can wear outside as this will bring attention to your company to people who may not have heard of your company in the past. If you are an aesthetics-based company, then you should prioritize getting visual representations of your business out there, as this is what people will think about when they consider your company in the future.  


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