By integrating Printful with Etsy, you can spend more time designing and marketing campaigns, while we automatically fulfill and ship your orders, saving you time.

How Do I Make My Etsy Shop Printful?

  • You can select the language, country, and currency of your shop.
  • The shop name you choose will be the one you use for the rest of your life.
  • Billing and shipping information – this is where you’ll enter your credit card information and they’ll charge you for the first listing at $0.25.
  • The above instructions will show you how to connect to Printful.
  • How Does Payment Work With Printful And Etsy?

    Etsy charges your customer when they receive an order. You will be charged $20 by Printful or Printify, but Etsy will send you the full $30 (plus the fees). If you are using Printful or Printify, subtract the amount Printful or Printify charged you from the amount Etsy paid you. Your profit is that.

    Are You Allowed To Use Printful On Etsy?

    With Printful, you can now sell on Etsy to generate more passive income (you could previously use ShipStation, but had to pay an additional fee for new sellers). I am very excited about this big news!!

    Can I Integrate My Website With Etsy?

    Click the integration you’d like to connect to your shop. You can learn more about the integration on the integration page. Create an account from the developer’s website and connect the integration to your Etsy shop by following the steps below.

    How Do I Sync Printful Items On Etsy?

    You can find your Etsy store by going to Printful Dashboard > Stores. Etsy’s product view will show you the status of your products. Etsy products should be listed as Active on your Etsy store so that they automatically sync with Printful.

    How Long Does It Take For An Etsy Order To Show Up On Printful?

    It takes Printful about half an hour to two hours to receive and confirm an order, based on my experience. You don’t need to worry about it not appearing right away on Printful. You should give it a few hours. For example, I made an Etsy order at 7:30 AM and it didn’t arrive with Printful until 8:07 AM, just a few hours after it was made.

    Can You Make A Profit With Printful?

    Printful does not charge monthly or startup fees, so you save money. Your store is only profitable when your customers place an order.

    Does Etsy Pay Printful Automatically?



    Setup time

    Very fast


    5% transaction fee + $0.20 fee to publish products

    Best for


    Products pushed to store


    Does Printful Charge Me Or The Customer?

    Our monthly fees are not charged to you or your customers. We only profit when you sell products from your store.

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