If you block someone from seeing your actions in their feed, they won’t be able to follow you. You can block someone by visiting their profile page and clicking the Block link at the bottom left. Members of Etsy will not be notified. Members can unblock themselves by visiting their profile page and clicking Unblock at the bottom left.

What Does Blocking A Person On Etsy Do?

You cannot view your activity in Etsy’s feed if you block a user. As a result, the user will not be updated by what you do. This is what?? It is still possible for the user to message you and buy items from your shop, but they will no longer be able to follow you.

Can You Block Someone From Buying On Etsy?

You must go to the profile page of the person you wish to block on Etsy. Then, click on the “Block” link, which is located at the bottom left of the page. You won’t be notified about your action unless they specifically request it.

How Do I Stop Someone From Following Me On Etsy?

You can block followers by going to the Etsy members profile page. You will see a link that says “Block xxxx” on the lower left if they follow you. You will no longer be following them if you click that link. Once you and one member are following each other, you can do this.

How Do I Make My Etsy Account Private?

  • You can sign up for an Etsy account by clicking the Your Account link.
  • Go to the Your Account page and click the Settings link.
  • On the Privacy page, click the Privacy tab.
  • You can select Only You (Private) under the Favorites section of the Privacy tab.
  • How Do I Remove Etsy From Google Search?

    To remove an indexed page from Google, you’ll see a padlock icon and a Public (edit) button – select Edit, then check “only I can see this list” – then SAVE. If you want your lists to be private, you’ll need to do this with each one.

    Can You Cancel Etsy?

    If you would like to cancel an Etsy order, please contact the seller directly through Messages; otherwise, it will be canceled by the seller. If a seller cancels a transaction under the following circumstances, the buyer may do so. It was agreed that the buyer could return the item to the seller for a refund after the buyer and seller met.

    Can Etsy Sue You?

    You must include a warranty and a limitation of liability (or the things you cannot sue us for). As a customer, you understand that Etsy does not manufacture, store, or inspect any of the items you purchase. In order to file a legal claim against the seller of an item, you must directly object to the item’s purchase.

    Can Someone Report You On Etsy?

    It is a confidential process to report items or shops. It is not known who reported the member. A private investigation will be conducted by Etsy. Neither you nor the review process will be updated with any updates.

    Why Can’t People Leave My Etsy Review?

    Etsy must have been used to purchase the item. You can also download the Etsy app or go to Etsy.com. In the case of selling items in person through Square, the buyer cannot leave a review on Etsy, but can leave one on Square as well. An open case cannot be placed on an order. Once the case has been closed, you can leave a review.

    Why Etsy Is Bad For Sellers?

    Etsy charges sellers a lot of fees, which sellers complain about the most. There are three fees associated with each item: a listing fee, a transaction fee, and a payment processing fee. Listed below are the fees: Listing Fee: $0. Each product listing includes 20 dollars.

    How Do I Report A Buyer On Etsy?

    You can report items that are being sold on Etsy or reviews that violate our policies by clicking the Report this item to Etsy link at the bottom of the listing page. If you want to flag an entire shop, you can click the Report this shop to Etsy link on the left of the shop’s homepage.

    Can You Make Your Etsy Account Private?

    You can sign up for an Etsy account by clicking the Your Account link. Go to the Your Account page and click the Settings link. On the Privacy page, click the Privacy tab. You can select Only You (Private) under the Favorites section of the Privacy tab.

    Can I Hide My Etsy Shop?

    These two steps will help you hide your sold listings page from your customers. You can access the Shop Manager settings by clicking on Settings > Options. On the left side of this page, you will find the Sold Listings section. “What are your wishes shoppers to be able to see these? If you want them to hide, select “No, hide them”.

    Can You Have Followers On Etsy?

    Etsy is a great place to follow people. Verify that you are logged in to your Etsy account before you can proceed. You can then click on the name of the person you wish to follow in the Shop Owner section of the shop’s main page to open their profile page. Etsy notifies its followers via email when someone is followed.

    Can People See What You Look At On Etsy?

    You can clear your recently viewed items at any time by signing in to Etsy. You can only see your recently viewed items at a time. com.

    Can You Hide Your Name On Etsy?

    It is not possible to change Etsy usernames except in the event of documented legal action (such as trademark infringement). The previous generation of users had the ability to create their own username. This article explains how to view your username.

    How Do I Change My Public Profile On Etsy?

  • You can create an Etsy account by going to Your account on Etsy.com.
  • You can access your account settings by clicking on the Account link.
  • You can create a public profile by clicking here.
  • You can check Shop under Include on your profile.
  • Make sure that you have saved your changes.
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