In the case of a guest purchase, you can leave a review on the order and claim it to your new or existing Etsy account. Orders must be reviewed within 100 days of their estimated delivery date, starting with the order number.

How Do I Leave A Review On Etsy If I Bought As A Guest?

Reviews of items that are associated with an Etsy account are limited. You will need to create a new or existing account if you purchased as a guest to leave a review for your purchase. Reviewing an order begins with the estimated delivery date of the order within the 100-day review window.

Can You Leave An Anonymous Etsy Review?

There is no longer an anonymous review available on Etsy. In addition, it may also be the reason why the review rate has dropped recently as many buyers do not want others to know what they bought. It is important to remember that Etsy only considers reviews left over from the previous 12 months when determining a seller’s eligibility.

Can You Leave Feedback For Buyers On Etsy?

If you wish, you can leave feedback for a buyer as soon as payment is received, after the package has been shipped, or when you are certain that the buyer has received the item.

Can You Hide Your Reviews On Etsy?

Etsy allows you to hide reviews. A review cannot be hidden entirely, but a photograph can be hidden if the customer posted something that is misleading or inappropriate.

Why Does Etsy Not Let Me Leave A Review?

It is likely that you do not see the option to review an item if you do not see it. Etsy’s criteria for reviewing items are that they must meet Etsy’s requirements. Etsy is the only place where you can review items you have purchased. You can also download the Etsy app or go to

Can Guest Buyers On Etsy Leave Reviews?

It is not possible for guests to leave reviews. Reviews can only be left by Etsy users with an account.

Can You Request Feedback On Etsy?

If you wish to request a review, you can send a message to the buyer. You can find the order by clicking on “Orders & Shipping” in the Shop Manager, then clicking the “Send Message” button. If your customer is completely satisfied with their order, ask them to review your store.

Should I Leave Feedback For Buyers?

It is a great way to thank your customers for their feedback. It’s best to leave feedback for your buyers as soon as they pay – they’ll be more likely to leave prompt feedback for you.

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