The Community’s built-in messaging system allows members to send each other direct messages. You can access and read direct messages in the Etsy Community when you are in the Community, as opposed to Etsy Messages. By using direct messages in the Etsy Community, you agree to our Community Policy.

Can Etsy Guests See Messages?

How often do guest buyers receive er Buyers receive Conversation Messages? Etsy doesn’t allow you to send them an email message since they don’t have an account, but you can still message them.

What Are Etsy Conversations?

Conversations – also known as convos – are internal chats that Etsy’s internal messaging system allows members to conduct. Etsy members can use convos to communicate with each other. When you receive a message via convo, you’ll receive a notification on your mobile phone if you use the Sell on Etsy app.

How Do You Direct Message Someone On Etsy?

You can send a message to a seller by clicking the Message Seller link under the listing title on a listing page. A sign-in button will appear if you have not already done so. Your question should be typed into the textbox. Your message will be sent to the seller, who will be notified.

Can Etsy See My Messages?

Conversations will be available anywhere buyers can contact sellers, so buyers will be able to see it. You will be able to reply immediately to buyers in the chat window.

Does Etsy Monitor Your Messages?

By measuring the time it takes for you to reply to a new message in a thread, we calculate your average response time. You don’t have to worry about our response time if you receive a spam message or a message that does not require a response.

Can You Message Other Buyers On Etsy?

You can contact a buyer by going to Orders & Shipping in Shop Manager. You can contact a buyer by finding the order you want to contact. The Message button should be selected in that order.

How Do I Send A Message On Etsy?

To contact us, click the Email us link at the bottom of the page. To select a category, click the Select a Topic drop-down arrow. In the Subject field, type the subject of your message. Your message will be entered in the Message field.

What Happens When You Message A Guest On Etsy?

You will send an email message to a guest buyer when you send them a message. You can contact buyers by replying to their receipt emails if they reply. Your Messages inbox will be updated with these messages.

Where Do Etsy Messages Go?

Etsy’s header bar has a Conversations icon that displays your chats and emails. Etsy allows you to set your preferences, so you receive an email every time someone starts a conversation.

Do Etsy Messages Go To Email?

Is ‘Contact Buyer’ on Order sending customer emails or just Etsy conversations emails?? In addition to sending it to the guest buyer’s email, Etsy also sends it to your email.

How Do I Access My Etsy Conversations?

Etsy Marketplace’s Shop Manager link appears at the top of every page, and you can access Conversations from the main Shop Manager page by clicking the Shop Manager link. Conversations appears, listing your conversations.

What Is A Convo On Etsy?

If a seller writes “convo me”, “convo-friendly” or anything similar in their announcement, profile or other post, you can “convo” (contact) with them by clicking on the “contact” link in their sidebar.

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