When it comes to marketing your business and the products you have on offer you will want to make sure that everything is up to scratch in order to ensure your marketing is effective enough to bring you in plenty of extra custom and eventual profits. If you are not considering the platform and techniques you are using in order to appeal to a specified audience then I am afraid that you may not be seeing the positive results you desire which is when it would be time for you to make a big change to how you are doing things.  


John Lewis Christmas Advert

John Lewis has been very successful with their annual Christmas adverts to the point where many people are waiting in anticipation for these shorts clips release each year. No matter the content it is always something with a wholesome message and appeals to draw in viewers and generate an emotional response. This marketing strategy has proven to be very effective and with limited information about what is being sold by the retail giant, it is only more shocking that the response is so wide, if you are looking to imitate a successful marketing example then John Lewis is definitely one to consider.  

Spotify Ads

 Spotify is a music platform where subscribers can listen to their wide library of albums for a small monthly fee, this service has become very popular but for those of you that do not subscribe to the service they have a particular marketing strategy in place for you. If you do not pay for the full platform Spotify will give you five free skips before you have to listen to an advert in the hopes of annoying the listener into partying for the full service, which many people eventually do.  

Youtube Ads

Much like Spotify Youtube also implements adverts within their content, as so many people use YouTube on a  daily basis it is a really smart advertising technique to start showing advertisements within their videos. The company not only makes money from selling advertising space to external companies but they also have an income which is provided by the option of turning off ads for a small monthly fee. As adverts are a generally hated thing to see when you are trying to watch a video, Youtube is making a nice profit from this strategy.  

Instagram Marketing

Using social media within your own marketing strategies is a very effective method of bringing in plenty of new people to your business as well as the fact that most social media platforms are free to use. You can very easily set up a business account on Instagram which can be maintained with minimal effort by simply keeping on top of your daily posts. Doing this creates a community where you can share new offers and products with your loyal business followers who are much more likely to go ahead with a purchase.  


Incorporating high-quality and eye-catching photography into your marketing strategies and material is one of the eBay ways that you can grab people’s attention and ensure that they are going to at least take a look at what you and your company have to offer. Someone who exemplifies this strategy of having high-quality photos would be Race Skeleton, whose digital marketing company values the importance of using high-definition photo quality to add a sense of style and class to their web pages. This is something that is often overlooked in many industries but if you want to be taken seriously within the industry I would recommend that you take the advice.   

Fast Food Advertising

You may have seen the very popular video over social media which shows techniques that are used within the fast-food industry to ensure that their foods look extremely appealing to the eye. Although it may not be the most ethical technique employing the mantra of making sure that your products look the best that they can is something that you could bring into your own marketing strategies and material. As long as everything looks natural on the pictures you could also save a lot of time and effort that would otherwise be spent editing and retouching the images.  

Cosmetics Industry

If you are looking for an example of an industry where marketing and advertising is a crucial part of the business process then you will find all that you need within the cosmetics and beauty industry. There is a lot of competition within this industry with so many brands all at once trying to sell the new best product, this competition between retailers is why the marketing strategies that are used have to be so sharp and precise so that they stand out to potential customers. 

Go Compare Ad

The Go Compare advert is a very well-known and memorable clip that has been used for many years now, selling the boring service of car insurance. There is nothing boring about this ad however which is something you should remember to try and imitate within your own content. The high energy opera performance is both loved and hated around the world but as long as you are remembering the company I would argue that the strategy and advertisement have fulfilled its purpose of encouraging people to use Go Compare but also to just keep this company in mind and spread the word of its existence. 


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