The marketing game is one that has changed the most over the last decade, it has had to evolve and adapt to keep up with the changes in consumer actions and take advantage of the newest technology. Viral marketing is advertising online and when users share your post the thing your advertising spreads like a virus and if there is enough of a reaction to it, then it has gone viral. This is a fantastic marketing technique as it is extremely low cost so can fit in any company’s budget, it’s not invasive or annoying as users can decide if they want to engage with the advertising and it potentially can reach a very large audience. There have been some extremely successful viral marketing campaigns including the IHOP campaign that had people guessing what the ‘b’ would stand for when they said they’d change their name to IHOB, if you’re struggling with viral marketing then read these tips and you’ll improve in no time.

Use all the sites

The best way to get your advertisement for your product or service to spread is to post about it on all of the social media sites that you can as then it’s more likely to reach a larger number of people. On top of sites and apps like Facebook and Instagram, YouTube is another great site that has become extremely important for viral marketing, if you want to learn more about this then you’ll easily be able to find tips to improve your youtube marketing online.


If your advert is just text then this is boring and is unlikely to go viral so will fail as a marketing campaign. Adding visuals to your adverts is the most important thing, it attracts the attention of many more people. However, you cant just use any old image it has to be informational or have a humorous side so people will share it.

The Message

The message you’re trying to send with your marketing campaign has to be clear, this is so important in viral marketing as if people misread the message it can derail your whole campaign. Create a script that can’t be misinterpreted and stick to it, this way if you do manage to go viral there won’t be any unwanted backlash.


Most posts that manage to go viral aren’t just information but they tug on the heartstrings of the users, there are many different routes to go down when creating an emotional marketing campaign as there are so many human emotions. Some of the most successful emotions to base a campaign around include; nostalgia, anger, and happiness.

Target Audience

It’s really important to know who your target audience is so you can plan your marketing campaign accordingly. Different demographics will be attracted to different things within adverts so it’s important you find this out first. For example, young people will react well to adverts that are memes but older people would not.


When scrolling through social media people enjoy how easy it is and how simple everything is, it’s important to keep this in mind when planning your marketing campaign. If you keep it simple it is also more likely to be memorable which will help your message to spread further.

Don’t Force It

This last tip is also important, if you try and force it, it will come across as un-authentic to the user. While you can follow these tips and increase your chances of successfully going viral, you can’t control whether it does or not. So use these tips, launch your campaign and just hope for the best.


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