Running a small, independent business can be difficult. Especially in this increasingly digital age where mega-corporations like Amazon seem to be cornering the market. But it isn’t impossible to succeed as an independent. All you need is hard work, dedication, and, above all else, good marketing.

Marketing is the backbone of any successful company. It cannot be overstated how vital it is. So today we are looking at 5 Pro Marketing Tips specifically for independent businesses. You don’t need to do all of these, but even doing some of them will give your company a big boost.

How Do I Build My Brand Awareness?

Brand awareness essentially means how popular your brand is. Think of the golden arches of McDonald’s or the signature Amazon smile on its logo. Instantly recognizable. By boosting your brand awareness you are making people think about your brand and, in turn, getting them to spend at your business.

This all starts with design. You want an eye-catching logo. Something simple yet effective. Try to avoid anything too garish or complicated. Clean edges with soothing colors are a great way to make your logo stick in customers’ minds.

How do I Market my Products?

Marketing your products is an art all its own. Especially if you have tricky products such as plumbing equipment, pest control, or sanitary items. But it’s never impossible to market anything.

The key to marketing a product is knowing the demographic most likely to shop for it. For example, the products for pest control at Thanos Home are strategically marketed towards homeowners and business owners. Rather than marketing towards apartment owners or the younger generation. In contrast, the popular ring-light accessory is marketed heavily towards younger people. Particularly those fond of social media. Demographics is key when marketing your product. So spend time doing adequate research and narrow it down.

What Forms of Advertising Should I Use?

Once you know how you will advertise your products and brand, you need to figure out what platforms you will utilize. And these days there are a lot more options out there. But this also means greater competition.

Generally, for a smaller business, you will want to focus on digital advertising methods. Targeted adverts and paid promotions on social media. This will make sure your brand is seen by local people. You will also benefit from using old-fashioned posters and flyers. Handing them out on the high street or putting them up around town is a great way to gain exposure. A TV Advert is another stellar way to advertise.

Focus on Being Independent

There is a lot of anti-cooperation sentiment floating around right now. The idea is that big brands are stealing business from the smaller ones. And this is something that can benefit you massively. We recommend you try incorporating the idea that your business is small and independent into your marketing. People love to support their local economies. So play on that and you will notice a sharp uptake in business.

Utilize other Businesses

Independent businesses need not be independent. Local businesses work best when they support each other. You could put up some leaflets for a local sports shop and in return, they might put up leaflets for your café. Or perhaps you cut a deal to buy supplies from a local relator and in return, they talk up your business.

This is essentially marketing as you are getting your business name out there through word of mouth. One of the most powerful tools in the marketing game.


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