Restaurateurs used to market their restaurants by distributing pamphlets and by promoting their restaurants through shopping malls or by providing offers via other brands. However, in the present decade, people are very much inclined towards social media. So brand owners are shifting their focus in marketing their brands through social media. So if you own a restaurant, here are the top 10 social media marketing tips that will help you to promote your restaurant:

  1. Make sure to keep an updated and complete social media profile:

If you have an existing social media profile, make sure that it contains updated information regarding your restaurant. A complete profile poses several advantages, one of them being: search engines and social media reward and promote complete profiles. Here are the points that you should keep updated in your profile:

  • Address of your restaurant
  • Working hours of your restaurant
  • Type of food your restaurant serves
  • Menu of your food and beverages
  • Phone number of restaurant
  • Delivery or takeout options  
  • Description of your restaurant’s story and the things that makes your food unique
  • Mention the name of your neighborhood as it helps with the local SEO
  • Link to make reservation
  1. Keep a simple posting strategy:

You should always keep your posting strategy simple. This means that you should never fail at defining the specifications regarding your posts. You should be clear regarding the content that you should be posting and why you should be posting. One way you can keep your social media platforms crisp and clear is by defining post categories! Here are some post categories that will help you to define your posts:

  • Changes in operating time: Always remember to update your restaurant timings. Also do not forget to mention if you are closing your restaurant on a particular day or for a few days.  
  • List your specials: If your restaurant serves daily specials, tell people about it! Is it a special day or a holiday? Tell people about it!
  • Post pictures of your food and beverages: Make sure to update your social media with all the pictures of the food and beverages that you serve. Make sure that the quality of the pictures are good. You can even hire a professional photographer for this job. Trust us, the investment is worth it!
  • Public Relations: If your restaurant gets featured in TV, newspaper or in other social media profiles, do not forget to repost it in your profile.
  • Repost your customer’s stories: When people enjoy your restaurant’s ambience, food and service, it is likely that they will post pictures of it and tag your restaurant. This can serve as an easy source of content for your profile! Tag them and repost their stories. 
  • Employee stories: You should make sure to make your social media profile transparent. Post the success stories of your chefs and employees.
  1. Be specific while using advertising:

The main objective of advertising is to satiate your customers’ desires! Try focusing on ads that speak directly to your customer’s persona. Make sure to structure your ads in that way. This can include the geographic location, interest profiling or special discounts. This way you will be able to reach specific sets of people. Here is an interesting campaigning idea:

Suppose you are a new Italian restaurant in Dallas. You can quote a food critic who has regarded you as the best Italian restaurant in Dallas. The headline of your advertisement can be: The best Italian restaurant in Dallas? Come, find for yourself! Add some pictures of your food and offer a discount. Now, this is a great campaign!

  1. Do not boosts posts on Facebook:

If you are thinking of promoting and marketing your restaurant then boosting your posts on Facebook is a less accurate way of doing so. You should make precise advertisements with the help of the actual ad portal. This can offer you the following advantages: 

  • You can use the same post for different restaurant locations 
  • This can increase the level of detail of your post towards your target
  • With the help of the ad platform, you can have better analysis
  • By using the ad platform, you will get insights of advertising and will get valuable knowledge
  1. Gather reviews:

A restaurant’s reputation highly depends upon Google Reviews! So obviously you will require good reviews to keep up your reputation. The best time to ask for reviews is after your customer had a good food experience. If you have gathered their phone numbers and email, prompt them for a review. This is a very important part of marketing if you are opening a new restaurant because the initial reviews always matter!

  1. Do not go posting on every platform:

You should keep your posts limited to Facebook, Instagram and maybe Pinterest. Many people make the mistake of posting everything on every platform. This way you will have specific posts for specific purposes.

  1. Set your posting time wisely:

The main goal of your social media profile is to get people to your restaurant at the correct time. This time can be 12:00PM or 7:00PM i.e. the time when you expect the most customers. So post 30 minutes before this time to attract your customers!

  1. Use geographic locations:

If you are using a master page so as to post about a specific location, then you should always restrict your customers by the location. This will help you to avoid sending irrelevant information.

  1. Promote through influencers:

Influencers are a great source through which you can promote your restaurant. Look for your ideal customers and an influencer who shares the similar fan base. You can offer them a free meal for promoting your restaurant or even negotiate the price.

  1. Team up with your community:

Teaming up with your community is a great way to promote your restaurant. You can post on your social media that by taking part in the community marathon or by bringing the new library card, you can avail 10% discount!

If you are struggling to find ways to make better use of your social media handles, then these tips will definitely give you an edge!


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