Social media has proven the greatest asset to increase followers. It’s challenging to connect with more followers, due to the confusion of what type of content to post or upload. 

The content the musician uploads may contain more taste and variety, but the content must be interesting, engaging and also you can take a survey of what their followers like or prefer to listen to by engaging more with them. 

Therefore, it’s crucial to set time to build relations and trust among the musicians and the followers to promote their work. 

The below points are the ideas to gain more fans and followers for musicians on social media platforms. 

1. Weekly Theme Content

To get benefits for increasing the follower’s percentage, the musicians must start with putting hashtags on the caption for the posts of the band or the latest music release or any upcoming events or the next project. For example, #MondayMusic #SundayClassics and many more relating to the posts or the musicians’ choices.

Start researching and testing these small steps and stick with the best ones, which the followers are liking and encouraging. 

2. Posts on Social Issues:

Posting on social issues, or participating in events that have high quality and contain a mixture of generous, fascinating, academic, beneficial, appropriate, and reckoned stimulated issues also helps to increase the followers.

Many issues are happening around us, for example, animal cruelty, cruelty against humans, problems in the educational system in rural areas, and many more. If the musicians are helping or sticking to the side of honesty and good deeds, automatically the followers of the musicians will increase in an unbelievable percentage.

3. Posts on daily life:

Making the followers or the fans a part of the family is always special. In this way, a musician can increase followers easily. 

For example, posting videos, short blogs, or photos in stories about daily life, travel, interests, going on life, and interacting with the fans helps in increase in engagement of followers.

The community loves watching what the musicians or their teams perform when they do not have a live concert or performance.

So, the musicians can post photos of what they do in their free time with the team, videos to draw an idea about the life of a singer or a musician.

When the musicians are composing in the office, upload the pictures and quick shots in the Instagram stories.

4. Reposting:

To make your fans feel loved, important, or comprehended, ask them to tag in the latest photos, video, sketches, or the songs, short clips, or any funny video of you that they liked very much, or they enjoy seeing it. 

5. Going Live and Asking Questions and Answers:

It’s interesting to go live and ask questions or replying to the answers that the fans have requested. Taking the names of the fans after going live, also makes the followers overwhelmed and makes them joyful. 

Or the musicians can make a poll, posts including fill in the blanks, giveaways, or ask the fans to caption their photos is an exciting initiative to increase the followers. 

In this way, the musicians not only engage with the fans but also make a brand and name. 

6. Concerts:

In live concerts urging the fans to sing, or going in between the fans and singing together is also a great option to build a strong connection with the fans.

The musicians can arrange a giveaway or do any short competition or game to give free tickets of their live concerts to the person who secures the first position. Or the musicians can arrange lucky draw games. 

Or after completing their concert, the musician can start talking and interesting with their fans and take pictures together or can give autographs.

In this era of social media, it’s effortless to connect with more people and get support if you are doing the right thing. So the musicians must understand the algorithm of how social media works and just have a little communication confidence in themselves to interact with the fans through Instagram lives, Facebook Lives, Snapchat story or Tweets.

7. Support:

People feel emotional when an artist is humble towards the other artists or behaving humbly. 

So, the musicians must show some care, love, and support genuinely to other artists. Share each other’s posts and works, encouraging the music, hard works, and the musical journey. 

Promoting other artists on social media is also a great asset to increase followers.

The musicians can post motivation quotes or lines from their favourite book or any poem that has always encouraged or lifted them. As the fans of the musician are always ready to know the struggles, ups and downs, their supports, the purpose, and what makes them so positive and creative.

 8. Jokes:

The people, the fans who are interested in the music also join the brand and the team with optimistic emotions. Whenever there’s a funny or joke post you get on social media, post them as a meme or a commentary that is made on the team respecting the currently viewed theme, or a funny statement.

But stay cautious against posting these kinds of stuff regularly, because there’s a line of using anything at the extreme. So, it’s better to post these kinds of funny posts on occasion. There is no need to gain unnecessary attention.

9. Videos on Tiktok:

Tiktok has over 800 million users in a month. The application is recognized for existing as extremely prominent in the Gen Z-ers. It is an enormous territory to post short videos that are crazy, valid, or unique.

10. FB Videos:

Facebook has approx 1 billion users. People watch 100 million videos per hour. 

The best solution is to maintain and post as a fascinating short video. 

From the following day, make sure to declare openly a new single, record, excursion, live event on social media platforms or concerts. Just take a moment from your busy schedule and post or share directly on Facebook.  


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