The Business of Bargains: Why You Should Be Offering Better Deals

Everyone loves a bargain. Even rich people must love a bargain! Isn’t it so satisfying when you buy something knowing you got it for 1/2 the price it originally was?! It is important that businesses are offering deals to current and potential customers so that they can experience this satisfying feeling of saving some money while still treating themselves. Here are a few reasons why offers are great for businesses-  

New and returning customers 

As I already mentioned, people love buying stuff when it is on sale and bagging themselves a bargain. Therefore, discounts and offers are a great way of attracting new customers to your business and the products you sell. Some businesses may feel uncomfortable doing deals, as they may worry, they will lose profit, but put it this way… if a product is expensive, people are less likely to actually buy it, they may want it and think about buying it, but the majority of people are unlikely to go ahead and splash out, and if they do it will be a one-time purchase. However, if you were to announce a sale (especially if you stress that is for a ‘LIMITED TIME ONLY’) people are likely to ponder less over whether they should buy the item, and instead rush to your store and purchase immediately! Hey, they may even tell others to go and buy! Once they know that you are a business that puts on sales, they are more likely to want to keep updated in case of any other future sales, possibly making them a returning customer! 

Increase sales in general  

You are likely to see an increase in sales, which means you won’t lose profit, if anything you will gain! Let’s give an example, if a device is selling for $600, yes you will get a few people who are willing to pay this, but you’ll probably sell a few a day…

However, if you were to decrease this price to $300, and state this is a once-in-a-lifetime deal that will only last the weekend, you will have people running to your store, probably more customers than you’ve ever had. Also, while people are in the store, they may have a browse of your other products and find something they really like, and buy this too… especially if it too has some money off. This will make it easier to meet sales goals 

Boost reputation   

A very good way of promoting your business is giving people something to speak about; if people are so happy with the bargain they have just got, they will go and tell people about it! If people tell their friends, who likely have some similar interests as them, this may make their friends want to go and buy the same! Some businesses may offer discounts to certain groups of people such as the elderly, students, those in the armed forces, etc; this will give the business a positive reputation, as people will see that they are thinking about those that may appreciate or even need to save money. Everyone can find some great promo codes from top1. 

Be the best of ‘your kind’ 

If you are a business that sells products that people can purchase in a variety of different stores, it is especially important to offer good deals. If someone is able to find a better offer elsewhere, you have just lost a customer, and probably more than 1! Before buying, people like to look around to see if prices vary from store to store, and of course, they will end up purchasing their product from the store which can offer them the best price! Therefore, businesses need to be competitive with their prices, they need to be researching themselves what other places sell the same products and ensuring their deals are the very best! 

7 Simple Tips to Improving your Viral Marketing

The marketing game is one that has changed the most over the last decade, it has had to evolve and adapt to keep up with the changes in consumer actions and take advantage of the newest technology. Viral marketing is advertising online and when users share your post the thing your advertising spreads like a virus and if there is enough of a reaction to it, then it has gone viral. This is a fantastic marketing technique as it is extremely low cost so can fit in any company’s budget, it’s not invasive or annoying as users can decide if they want to engage with the advertising and it potentially can reach a very large audience. There have been some extremely successful viral marketing campaigns including the IHOP campaign that had people guessing what the ‘b’ would stand for when they said they’d change their name to IHOB, if you’re struggling with viral marketing then read these tips and you’ll improve in no time.

Use all the sites

The best way to get your advertisement for your product or service to spread is to post about it on all of the social media sites that you can as then it’s more likely to reach a larger number of people. On top of sites and apps like Facebook and Instagram, YouTube is another great site that has become extremely important for viral marketing, if you want to learn more about this then you’ll easily be able to find tips to improve your youtube marketing online.


If your advert is just text then this is boring and is unlikely to go viral so will fail as a marketing campaign. Adding visuals to your adverts is the most important thing, it attracts the attention of many more people. However, you cant just use any old image it has to be informational or have a humorous side so people will share it.

The Message

The message you’re trying to send with your marketing campaign has to be clear, this is so important in viral marketing as if people misread the message it can derail your whole campaign. Create a script that can’t be misinterpreted and stick to it, this way if you do manage to go viral there won’t be any unwanted backlash.


Most posts that manage to go viral aren’t just information but they tug on the heartstrings of the users, there are many different routes to go down when creating an emotional marketing campaign as there are so many human emotions. Some of the most successful emotions to base a campaign around include; nostalgia, anger, and happiness.

Target Audience

It’s really important to know who your target audience is so you can plan your marketing campaign accordingly. Different demographics will be attracted to different things within adverts so it’s important you find this out first. For example, young people will react well to adverts that are memes but older people would not.


When scrolling through social media people enjoy how easy it is and how simple everything is, it’s important to keep this in mind when planning your marketing campaign. If you keep it simple it is also more likely to be memorable which will help your message to spread further.

Don’t Force It

This last tip is also important, if you try and force it, it will come across as un-authentic to the user. While you can follow these tips and increase your chances of successfully going viral, you can’t control whether it does or not. So use these tips, launch your campaign and just hope for the best.

The Best Social Media Marketing Firms You Should Hire

These days, absolutely everything is done through the internet. Most importantly, the way in which businesses operate and promote themselves has gone completely online. Gone are the days of newspaper ads and local posters, people now choose to promote their business and brand in a way that can be accessed from absolutely anywhere in the world. Though online advertising is a genius way of promoting your business, it can also be extremely difficult.

You can’t just publish a post onto an empty social media page and expect it to gain attention, as that just isn’t how it works. If you have the social media know-how, then you should be able to get a bit of attention to your page, but if you are putting the work into creating a social media page then you will want to make sure that you are doing all that you can to make sure that your brand is being promoted.

This is where social media marketing firms come into play, but what exactly are social media marketing firms?

What are social media marketing firms?

A social media marketing firm does a number of important things to ensure that your business stands out from the other businesses that exist on the internet. These businesses usually have years of experience and expert knowledge and apply this to making content for your business. They can do this in a number of ways, from making blog posts to creating eye-catching posts and captions that can be put onto your pages.

They also have several methods that they can use to boost your posts and make sure that the content that they help you to produce is being seen by any potential customer that could be out there on the internet. Now that you know what they do, what social media marketing companies should you employ to help promote your business?

Patel Digital

This media marketing company is a very popular option for people that are looking to get their business out there. This company works by implementing SEO, which means that your company and special media page will appear higher in the google searches of potential customers. They are not only talented when it comes to promoting your business, they also have a deep understanding of what really stands out on social media.

For a low cost, Patel Digital will put together posts that will catch the attention of anyone that manages to stumble onto your account. It is easy to get people to click on your page, but it isn’t as easy to make people stay on your social media account. Patel digital is capable of making compelling content that really hooks people in.

Passion Digital

Passion digital promises to help you cut through the noise of social media. Almost everyone these days uses social media, so it is easy to be lost among the crowd when it comes to your posts. The main way in which passion digital helps to stand out in the very concentrated market is by promoting your posts onto the main pages of social media accounts, which means more people will be able to see the posts that you make.

Passion digital not only promises to promote your business, but it also promises to make sure that the posts that they do promote are eye-catching and will make an impact on the social media feeds.

Social rocket

If you are someone that doesn’t really want someone making posts for you but still desires your social media accounts to be promoted, then you really should check out the social rocket. Social rocket leaves the control of your social media accounts down to you but helps you with generalized promotion. You can pay sRocket to promote your social media account throughout whatever platform you are working on. You can also pay them to purchase followers for your account.

If you have more followers on your account, then you are likely to stand out from other accounts. This is because when you have a large following, this is usually a good indication of the quality of the product that you provide. So the more followers you have, the more followers you are likely to gain.

The Secret Tips to Successfully Market Any Product or Service 

The business world is highly congested. Every year, millions of hopeful people try to make it in the world of business and so it can be difficult to stand apart from the crowd. The best way in which you can really stand out is by successfully marketing whatever product or service that you have to offer.  

Marketing is all about building a brand and reputation around your product and so it can get understandably confusing. However, no matter what you have to offer, there are certain things you should do to make sure your business has successful marketing.  

Quality control 

If you are someone that is producing a product, then the best thing that you can do is ensure the quality of your product. Making sure that you quality control your product will mean that all of your potential customers are guaranteed to get exactly what they have paid for. This will increase the chance of repeat custom and will also mean that you will gain a good reputation among potential customers in the future.  

Clean premises  

When putting together a service, a common mistake that is often made by new businesses is neglecting the space in which they offer their service from. If you are someone that has a business that requires premises of some sort, some of the best marketing that you can do is making sure that your premises are clean and in a good condition. Understandably it can be time-consuming to take care of the cleaning yourself, but this isn’t a problem; a good post construction cleaning service will save you time and will be able to do all the necessary cleaning for you and so you won’t have to worry about that yourself.  Having a clean business will make sure that people return, which is always positive. 

Get a marketing team  

Though you may have a natural ability when it comes to marketing, not everyone has the gift of marketing. Now, you could choose to try and deal with this and make some poor marketing choices, or you could ask for the help of a professional to make sure that your marketing is done right. A quick google search will take you to plenty of professional marketers which will give you handy tips and teach you well-known methods for making sure that your product or service is marketed as well as possible.  

Social media presence 

A great way to market your business is by having an active social media presence. A social media presence will allow you to not only share updates of your business to your current customers, but it will also allow you to reach out to potential buyers who may not have had the chance to hear about your business. Having a social media account will also give pre-existing customers the opportunity to reach out to you. Having a personal connection with your customers will make your business much more likable, which may encourage more buyers.  

Has Social Media Helped or Hindered the Marketing Game? 

There are more social media sites than ever before and every single year social media continues to grow in popularity. There are currently almost 4 billion people worldwide who have active social media accounts. To be successful with marketing and advertising you have to be adaptable and move with the consumers. Years ago most people would choose to advertise on the break in between TV shows and prior to this the best form of advertising was billboards, now most people have Netflix or another streaming service that doesn’t involve adverts so advertising on TV is also becoming dated.

Now, the best place for marketing is social media as the more people you can reach with an advert the better and advertising on popular social media sites like Facebook guarantees you’ll reach a massive audience. It’s undeniable that social media has forced the marketing game to change but it’s hard to say if it’s helped it or hindered it. We’re going to explore this question in more detail to see if we can see if social media has had a positive or negative impact. 

How social media has changed the marketing game

Whilst the purpose of social media, to begin with, was to allow people to connect with friends and family from all over the world, this has developed massively since, and now social media is a massive part of people’s lives. As it began to develop, it provided those who work in marketing with a whole new experience to use for advertising. Social media has allowed for new opportunities when it comes to advertising as it makes it much easier for businesses to reach a large number of people.

On top of this, it also allows for much better engagement between businesses and potential customers. Social media has changed the marketing game in 2 ways, the first is for businesses who are paying for sponsored adverts, like the ones you see on Instagram as you’re scrolling through, and secondly, because it’s given businesses the opportunity to create their own social media accounts in which they can promote themselves as much as they want and receive feedback from their customers and provide even better customer service.  

A recent study has revealed that the average person spends at least 24 hours a week on their phones and most of that time is spent on social media. This has changed the marketing game as people have realized this is the new best way to advertise and that has caused brands to dedicate 33% of their marketing budget to digital adverts, which is up 8% from the previous year.

To properly utilize how great for marketing social media can be it’s important to have a big following, when you have a large number of followers or likes it makes it much more likely that your posts will be shared, which then reaches more people. How much engagement you receive with your posts determines the algorithm, the more interaction the more your posts will be spread by the platform you’re using. If you’re struggling to grow your platform then a quick and easy way to do this much quicker is to buy facebook followers cheap, if your page has a lot of followers it makes other consumers much more likely to also follow your page so this is a better starting point.  

How social media has hindered the marketing game

Whilst on the surface social media seems like a fantastic tool for marketing, as it does provide new opportunities, there are some aspects of the latest changes in the marketing game that could actually be seen as a hindrance. Many people think that social media has actually had a negative impact on the marketing game as it has made the role of a salesperson obsolete.

With the development of technology and the amount of advertising that goes on, consumers have all the information they need about any product and it’s just a Google search away. This has made marketing much harder as 50 years ago if someone wanted to buy a car, they’d have to trust the marketing done by the salesperson, they would have no prior information, and this setup allowed for those who understood the game the best to sell mediocre products. This is not the case anymore, people will do all their own research on social media pages and then most people will even do a quick price check so they can go and purchase their products at the lowest price. This means that marketing is a completely different game now, people who excel at marketing can no longer sell as well as they used to and those who are successful at marketing now are those who have changed with the times.  

Is Digital Marketing all your Company Needs Anymore?

People are constantly arguing over what is the world’s oldest profession. Some say it is Doctors. Others point to the less savory professions. But we are sticking to the most obvious answer. Sales.

Our early ancestors had to convince their tribe that their newest discovery was beneficial. Change is always scary, and it is the job of marketing to make it seem appealing.

Modern Marketing

Of course, our world is a bit more advanced now. Change isn’t as scary, but we still need marketing to tell us what we want and what we need. And as society has advanced we have found new and more creative ways of marketing products to our customers.

The advent of the printing press made magazines one of the most powerful forms of advertising. Then radio came along and commercials were pushed into existence. These were then ramped up with the introduction of the home television. But we are in the digital age now. And marketing has been pushed into new territory. So that brings us to our question. Is digital marketing all you need?

Digital Market

People spend a lot of their time online. Especially in 2020 as most people were locked down due to the global pandemic. So digital marketing has become increasingly effective. Online adverts are seen twice as much. YouTube has increased their advertisements on videos and more sites are incorporating advert schemes.

To that end, it seems that more physical advertising techniques are dying out. People watch less and less live television, meaning regular adverts are useless. Cinemas are at risk of dying out completely, meaning cinema adverts are a non-starter. Magazines are mainly published online rather than physically.

Pros of Digital Only

So how well would a digital-only marketing campaign actually work? For starters, it would be cheaper by a huge factor. You could reasonably hire Func Media to do content marketing and still have enough leftover that you could run a second marketing campaign.

Physical adverts and printing physical leaflets or adverts is a massive money sink. And considering how much more effective digital adverts are, it seems insane to spend so much money on physical adverts now.

Digital only also allows you to reach a much larger customer base. A billboard, for example, will only reach people in that physical location. Whereas an online advert can be seen globally. And we know that reaching more potential customers is one of the most valuable things to any company.

Another massive advantage is the variety of what you can do with digital marketing. You have everything from viral video campaigns to creating full 3D landscapes or complex media to advertise your product or service. People love wacky and varied art. Digital creation tools allow you to make something that will really stand out. Whereas physical marketing is much more limited in what you can do.

The Cons of Digital Only

Of course, there are always downsides to anything. And a digital-only campaign has its downsides as well. For starters, there is a huge demographic of people who are not as digitally connected as younger people. A digital-only campaign runs the risk of alienating this entire demographic. For any product that is targeted at an older demo, this can make or break your company.

Another downside is, of course, there is far more competition online nowadays. So having some physical marketing could work to your advantage when used alongside digital. But a digital-only campaign will put you at risk of being dominated by your competitors.