5 Pro Marketing Tips for Independent Businesses

Running a small, independent business can be difficult. Especially in this increasingly digital age where mega-corporations like Amazon seem to be cornering the market. But it isn’t impossible to succeed as an independent. All you need is hard work, dedication, and, above all else, good marketing.

Marketing is the backbone of any successful company. It cannot be overstated how vital it is. So today we are looking at 5 Pro Marketing Tips specifically for independent businesses. You don’t need to do all of these, but even doing some of them will give your company a big boost.

How Do I Build My Brand Awareness?

Brand awareness essentially means how popular your brand is. Think of the golden arches of McDonald’s or the signature Amazon smile on its logo. Instantly recognizable. By boosting your brand awareness you are making people think about your brand and, in turn, getting them to spend at your business.

This all starts with design. You want an eye-catching logo. Something simple yet effective. Try to avoid anything too garish or complicated. Clean edges with soothing colors are a great way to make your logo stick in customers’ minds.

How do I Market my Products?

Marketing your products is an art all its own. Especially if you have tricky products such as plumbing equipment, pest control, or sanitary items. But it’s never impossible to market anything.

The key to marketing a product is knowing the demographic most likely to shop for it. For example, the products for pest control at Thanos Home are strategically marketed towards homeowners and business owners. Rather than marketing towards apartment owners or the younger generation. In contrast, the popular ring-light accessory is marketed heavily towards younger people. Particularly those fond of social media. Demographics is key when marketing your product. So spend time doing adequate research and narrow it down.

What Forms of Advertising Should I Use?

Once you know how you will advertise your products and brand, you need to figure out what platforms you will utilize. And these days there are a lot more options out there. But this also means greater competition.

Generally, for a smaller business, you will want to focus on digital advertising methods. Targeted adverts and paid promotions on social media. This will make sure your brand is seen by local people. You will also benefit from using old-fashioned posters and flyers. Handing them out on the high street or putting them up around town is a great way to gain exposure. A TV Advert is another stellar way to advertise.

Focus on Being Independent

There is a lot of anti-cooperation sentiment floating around right now. The idea is that big brands are stealing business from the smaller ones. And this is something that can benefit you massively. We recommend you try incorporating the idea that your business is small and independent into your marketing. People love to support their local economies. So play on that and you will notice a sharp uptake in business.

Utilize other Businesses

Independent businesses need not be independent. Local businesses work best when they support each other. You could put up some leaflets for a local sports shop and in return, they might put up leaflets for your café. Or perhaps you cut a deal to buy supplies from a local relator and in return, they talk up your business.

This is essentially marketing as you are getting your business name out there through word of mouth. One of the most powerful tools in the marketing game.

The Advantages of Using Billboard Advertising in 2021

Marketing and advertising these days have gone almost completely online. Advertising is not the same as it used to be and instead of looking out for ads in newspapers and on the local radio stations, ads are now seen every time someone goes online or logs into their social media account. Just because more modern advertising techniques are being used more frequently, this does not mean that older advertising techniques are completely obsolete.  

A type of advertising that is still frequently used is billboard advertising. Billboard advertising has been around for a long time and it has proven to be an effective means of advertising and has continued to have a lot of success. Many people believe that billboards shouldn’t be used in 2021 as they are outdated, but this really is not the case. Here are the advantages of using billboard advertising in 2021. 



One of the reasons that billboards continue to be so popular is due to the locations they can be placed in. Billboards are often placed in areas with a lot of traffic and most importantly traffic lights, which means that cars will have to stop next to them.  

Due to being unable to just look at your phone in your car, waiting around in traffic can be extremely boring. For this reason, the eyes often start to wander and take in what is around us. If there is a huge billboard in plain sight, then it is likely that we will spend the time reading it and taking in what it has to say. If a road gets thousands of people driving down it every day, then that is thousands of people that have seen your advertisement and it will stick with them, especially if you have used a catchy visual or colors that really make your billboard stand out.  


You can’t skip a billboard 

Though a lot of online and digital advertising techniques are very effective for the most part, there is always the option to skip an ad or even download an ad-block. This means that if you place an ad online, many people could easily skip it without even seeing what the advertisement is about. The beauty of the billboard is that nobody can skip it, which means that if they can see it, then they have no choice but to look at it.  

This is great for any company that is trying to spread information. For example, if you have a business where you sell cbd oil, you will know that half of the struggle is trying to educate people on all of the positive effects that CBD oil has. If people are unable to skip your advertisement, then they will take in any information that you have put on this billboard, so you can really educate people on your product without the fear of all of your information simply being ignored and forgotten as soon as have moved past your advert. 

Sponsored Content: How to Find Brand Ambassadors 

If you are a business owner, then you will be more than aware of how the world of business has moved completely online. Marketing and the way that we advertise our businesses has had a total shift in the last few years and so the way that you get your brand out there is much different to how it used to be.  

 If you are someone that spends a lot of time online, then it is likely that you have heard of brand ambassadors. Now, for as long as there have been businesses, there have been brand ambassadors. Brand ambassadors basically endorse your product and promote it to their fans, which could lead to a potential increase in the amount of people that you have purchasing your product. A good example of brand ambassadors that you may be aware of is sports personalities that represent brands that sell sports related products, they may only wear this brand’s clothing or use their products. 

If you are someone that wants to get your brand out there, then you may be seeking tips on how to find brand ambassadors. Here is how to find the best brand ambassadors for your brand.  

Check out people that engage with your social media 

If you have a social media page for your brand, then we recommend that you look through who has been engaging with your posts. A lot of influencers purposely try to engage with a page’s content in order to grab their attention and you may not have even noticed a potential ambassador engaging with your content.  

 The person with the highest following usually pops up at the top of your comments and they may even have a verified tick, which means that they already have their own celebrity status. If your page gets very little attention and so you feel like you are unable to use this method, worry not.  You can actually buy instagram likes and followers, which will bring much more traffic to your page and lure in any potential influencers.  

Ask Agents 

Something that you may not know is that celebrities are always very eager to be brand ambassadors and so ask their agents to promote this to potential companies. This may mean that someone is already interested in being a brand ambassador for your brand, but you simply haven’t asked yet. 

 Contacting agencies is a great way to find brand ambassadors and you can even ask for specific people that you may want to work with. If a particular person does not want to work with your brand then their agent can recommend someone that would like to. This means that you can get connections, even if you aren’t looking for them.  

Don’t necessarily go for celebrities 

Though it may seem like the obvious choice to pick celebrities to be your brand ambassadors, the main goal for picking a brand ambassador is by choosing someone that has a large following. You don’t necessarily have to be a celebrity to have a large social media following and so if you are looking for brand new ambassadors for your brand, it may be worth your time to find someone that has a large social media following but are not exactly well known celebrities.  

 The best way to do this is by looking at social media accounts and following pages that relate back to your product. Say you sell makeup products, then why not try and find someone that does live makeup applications or similar things to an audience, as they would be more than happy to represent your brand and wouldn’t charge you nearly as much as other celebrities would.  

Make sure you have something to offer 

If you are looking for a brand ambassador, they’re going to ask you what is in it for them. You have to make sure that you have something that you can offer them for the promotion of your brand. We recommend that you work on creating something like an affiliate code, as this will mean that they will be able to benefit from their position as an ambassador and also give back to some of their own followers. 

Being able to give back to their followers with a discount of some sort means that you will see an increase in customers just because of them. 

 You could also give them the right to do some sort of competition with some provided products by you as this will mean that people are sharing and promoting your products, which is essentially free advertising for the cost of what it would cost to manufacture the products that you are giving away, which would be much cheaper than the costs of advertising on such a big scale , so be sure to think this through.

Our Guide to Building an Effective International Marketing Campaign

If you are a business owner, then you will know that one of the most important aspects of running a successful business is having an effective marketing campaign. Having an effective marketing campaign is a great way to boost the popularity of your business and gain more customers and if you are someone that wants to break out into the international market, then your marketing campaign has to be a cut above the rest.  

Breaking out into the international market is a fantastic way to expand your business and increase its general popularity. If you feel like you have already made an impact in your local market and you have targeted all the people you believe you are capable of targeting, then you may want to focus on expanding to those you haven’t been able to reach. For example, say you sell some of the best glass pool fencing perth has to offer, why limit yourself to Perth when you can target companies all over the world? 

Marketing to the international market isn’t quite the same as local marketing and it comes with its own difficulties. Here is our guide to building an effective international marketing campaign.  


Make Your Campaign Inclusive  

If you plan on marketing your business to the entire world, then the best thing you can do is make sure that your marketing is as inclusive as you possibly can. When promoting your business and product to your own country, it can be easy to highlight aspects of your business that will make it stand out within your country. For example, you may have heard the term ‘Best of British’ for British sold items, which works within Britain, but may feel exclusive to the rest of the world.  

Inclusivity should be at the forefront of your marketing campaign, as you want to make sure that everyone feels as though they can purchase your products or enlist the services of your company.  


Engage with Social Media 

One of the most effective ways to connect with people from all over the world is by using social media. Social media gets rid of any communication restrictions and is generally a great marketing tool.  

When you make a social media page, anyone from around the world can visit it and engage with your content. If you were to make a stand-alone website, then people who have never heard of your business simply would not know where to look for your website. By creating a social media platform, you can use something called promotion.  

Promotion is a tool that can be found on essentially any social media platform, but if you choose to go for a social media platform such as Facebook, you will be able to benefit from selective promotion. Selective promotion basically means that you can choose which area of the world your page is being promoted to and how many people within that area can see your promotion. This means that if you want to break into a certain market, you can use social media to target this market.  


Make international relations  

The great part about the business is that there are many ways in which you can network and improve your business connections. We recommend that you use a number of the possible online networks that are specifically designed for businessmen and women to be able to chat and talk about potential business collaborations for the future.,  

The great part about these networks being online is that you can contact anyone around the world, which makes it a lot easier to tap into the international market.  

8 Perfect Examples of Marketing Done Right

When it comes to marketing your business and the products you have on offer you will want to make sure that everything is up to scratch in order to ensure your marketing is effective enough to bring you in plenty of extra custom and eventual profits. If you are not considering the platform and techniques you are using in order to appeal to a specified audience then I am afraid that you may not be seeing the positive results you desire which is when it would be time for you to make a big change to how you are doing things.  


John Lewis Christmas Advert

John Lewis has been very successful with their annual Christmas adverts to the point where many people are waiting in anticipation for these shorts clips release each year. No matter the content it is always something with a wholesome message and appeals to draw in viewers and generate an emotional response. This marketing strategy has proven to be very effective and with limited information about what is being sold by the retail giant, it is only more shocking that the response is so wide, if you are looking to imitate a successful marketing example then John Lewis is definitely one to consider.  

Spotify Ads

 Spotify is a music platform where subscribers can listen to their wide library of albums for a small monthly fee, this service has become very popular but for those of you that do not subscribe to the service they have a particular marketing strategy in place for you. If you do not pay for the full platform Spotify will give you five free skips before you have to listen to an advert in the hopes of annoying the listener into partying for the full service, which many people eventually do.  

Youtube Ads

Much like Spotify Youtube also implements adverts within their content, as so many people use YouTube on a  daily basis it is a really smart advertising technique to start showing advertisements within their videos. The company not only makes money from selling advertising space to external companies but they also have an income which is provided by the option of turning off ads for a small monthly fee. As adverts are a generally hated thing to see when you are trying to watch a video, Youtube is making a nice profit from this strategy.  

Instagram Marketing

Using social media within your own marketing strategies is a very effective method of bringing in plenty of new people to your business as well as the fact that most social media platforms are free to use. You can very easily set up a business account on Instagram which can be maintained with minimal effort by simply keeping on top of your daily posts. Doing this creates a community where you can share new offers and products with your loyal business followers who are much more likely to go ahead with a purchase.  


Incorporating high-quality and eye-catching photography into your marketing strategies and material is one of the eBay ways that you can grab people’s attention and ensure that they are going to at least take a look at what you and your company have to offer. Someone who exemplifies this strategy of having high-quality photos would be Race Skeleton, whose digital marketing company values the importance of using high-definition photo quality to add a sense of style and class to their web pages. This is something that is often overlooked in many industries but if you want to be taken seriously within the industry I would recommend that you take the advice.   

Fast Food Advertising

You may have seen the very popular video over social media which shows techniques that are used within the fast-food industry to ensure that their foods look extremely appealing to the eye. Although it may not be the most ethical technique employing the mantra of making sure that your products look the best that they can is something that you could bring into your own marketing strategies and material. As long as everything looks natural on the pictures you could also save a lot of time and effort that would otherwise be spent editing and retouching the images.  

Cosmetics Industry

If you are looking for an example of an industry where marketing and advertising is a crucial part of the business process then you will find all that you need within the cosmetics and beauty industry. There is a lot of competition within this industry with so many brands all at once trying to sell the new best product, this competition between retailers is why the marketing strategies that are used have to be so sharp and precise so that they stand out to potential customers. 

Go Compare Ad

The Go Compare advert is a very well-known and memorable clip that has been used for many years now, selling the boring service of car insurance. There is nothing boring about this ad however which is something you should remember to try and imitate within your own content. The high energy opera performance is both loved and hated around the world but as long as you are remembering the company I would argue that the strategy and advertisement have fulfilled its purpose of encouraging people to use Go Compare but also to just keep this company in mind and spread the word of its existence. 

7 Simple Tips to Improving your Viral Marketing

The marketing game is one that has changed the most over the last decade, it has had to evolve and adapt to keep up with the changes in consumer actions and take advantage of the newest technology. Viral marketing is advertising online and when users share your post the thing your advertising spreads like a virus and if there is enough of a reaction to it, then it has gone viral. This is a fantastic marketing technique as it is extremely low cost so can fit in any company’s budget, it’s not invasive or annoying as users can decide if they want to engage with the advertising and it potentially can reach a very large audience. There have been some extremely successful viral marketing campaigns including the IHOP campaign that had people guessing what the ‘b’ would stand for when they said they’d change their name to IHOB, if you’re struggling with viral marketing then read these tips and you’ll improve in no time.

Use all the sites

The best way to get your advertisement for your product or service to spread is to post about it on all of the social media sites that you can as then it’s more likely to reach a larger number of people. On top of sites and apps like Facebook and Instagram, YouTube is another great site that has become extremely important for viral marketing, if you want to learn more about this then you’ll easily be able to find tips to improve your youtube marketing online.


If your advert is just text then this is boring and is unlikely to go viral so will fail as a marketing campaign. Adding visuals to your adverts is the most important thing, it attracts the attention of many more people. However, you cant just use any old image it has to be informational or have a humorous side so people will share it.

The Message

The message you’re trying to send with your marketing campaign has to be clear, this is so important in viral marketing as if people misread the message it can derail your whole campaign. Create a script that can’t be misinterpreted and stick to it, this way if you do manage to go viral there won’t be any unwanted backlash.


Most posts that manage to go viral aren’t just information but they tug on the heartstrings of the users, there are many different routes to go down when creating an emotional marketing campaign as there are so many human emotions. Some of the most successful emotions to base a campaign around include; nostalgia, anger, and happiness.

Target Audience

It’s really important to know who your target audience is so you can plan your marketing campaign accordingly. Different demographics will be attracted to different things within adverts so it’s important you find this out first. For example, young people will react well to adverts that are memes but older people would not.


When scrolling through social media people enjoy how easy it is and how simple everything is, it’s important to keep this in mind when planning your marketing campaign. If you keep it simple it is also more likely to be memorable which will help your message to spread further.

Don’t Force It

This last tip is also important, if you try and force it, it will come across as un-authentic to the user. While you can follow these tips and increase your chances of successfully going viral, you can’t control whether it does or not. So use these tips, launch your campaign and just hope for the best.

The Best Social Media Marketing Firms You Should Hire

These days, absolutely everything is done through the internet. Most importantly, the way in which businesses operate and promote themselves has gone completely online. Gone are the days of newspaper ads and local posters, people now choose to promote their business and brand in a way that can be accessed from absolutely anywhere in the world. Though online advertising is a genius way of promoting your business, it can also be extremely difficult.

You can’t just publish a post onto an empty social media page and expect it to gain attention, as that just isn’t how it works. If you have the social media know-how, then you should be able to get a bit of attention to your page, but if you are putting the work into creating a social media page then you will want to make sure that you are doing all that you can to make sure that your brand is being promoted.

This is where social media marketing firms come into play, but what exactly are social media marketing firms?

What are social media marketing firms?

A social media marketing firm does a number of important things to ensure that your business stands out from the other businesses that exist on the internet. These businesses usually have years of experience and expert knowledge and apply this to making content for your business. They can do this in a number of ways, from making blog posts to creating eye-catching posts and captions that can be put onto your pages.

They also have several methods that they can use to boost your posts and make sure that the content that they help you to produce is being seen by any potential customer that could be out there on the internet. Now that you know what they do, what social media marketing companies should you employ to help promote your business?

Patel Digital

This media marketing company is a very popular option for people that are looking to get their business out there. This company works by implementing SEO, which means that your company and special media page will appear higher in the google searches of potential customers. They are not only talented when it comes to promoting your business, they also have a deep understanding of what really stands out on social media.

For a low cost, Patel Digital will put together posts that will catch the attention of anyone that manages to stumble onto your account. It is easy to get people to click on your page, but it isn’t as easy to make people stay on your social media account. Patel digital is capable of making compelling content that really hooks people in.

Passion Digital

Passion digital promises to help you cut through the noise of social media. Almost everyone these days uses social media, so it is easy to be lost among the crowd when it comes to your posts. The main way in which passion digital helps to stand out in the very concentrated market is by promoting your posts onto the main pages of social media accounts, which means more people will be able to see the posts that you make.

Passion digital not only promises to promote your business, but it also promises to make sure that the posts that they do promote are eye-catching and will make an impact on the social media feeds.

Social rocket

If you are someone that doesn’t really want someone making posts for you but still desires your social media accounts to be promoted, then you really should check out the social rocket. Social rocket leaves the control of your social media accounts down to you but helps you with generalized promotion. You can pay sRocket to promote your social media account throughout whatever platform you are working on. You can also pay them to purchase followers for your account.

If you have more followers on your account, then you are likely to stand out from other accounts. This is because when you have a large following, this is usually a good indication of the quality of the product that you provide. So the more followers you have, the more followers you are likely to gain.

Has Social Media Helped or Hindered the Marketing Game? 

There are more social media sites than ever before and every single year social media continues to grow in popularity. There are currently almost 4 billion people worldwide who have active social media accounts. To be successful with marketing and advertising you have to be adaptable and move with the consumers. Years ago most people would choose to advertise on the break in between TV shows and prior to this the best form of advertising was billboards, now most people have Netflix or another streaming service that doesn’t involve adverts so advertising on TV is also becoming dated.

Now, the best place for marketing is social media as the more people you can reach with an advert the better and advertising on popular social media sites like Facebook guarantees you’ll reach a massive audience. It’s undeniable that social media has forced the marketing game to change but it’s hard to say if it’s helped it or hindered it. We’re going to explore this question in more detail to see if we can see if social media has had a positive or negative impact. 

How social media has changed the marketing game

Whilst the purpose of social media, to begin with, was to allow people to connect with friends and family from all over the world, this has developed massively since, and now social media is a massive part of people’s lives. As it began to develop, it provided those who work in marketing with a whole new experience to use for advertising. Social media has allowed for new opportunities when it comes to advertising as it makes it much easier for businesses to reach a large number of people.

On top of this, it also allows for much better engagement between businesses and potential customers. Social media has changed the marketing game in 2 ways, the first is for businesses who are paying for sponsored adverts, like the ones you see on Instagram as you’re scrolling through, and secondly, because it’s given businesses the opportunity to create their own social media accounts in which they can promote themselves as much as they want and receive feedback from their customers and provide even better customer service.  

A recent study has revealed that the average person spends at least 24 hours a week on their phones and most of that time is spent on social media. This has changed the marketing game as people have realized this is the new best way to advertise and that has caused brands to dedicate 33% of their marketing budget to digital adverts, which is up 8% from the previous year.

To properly utilize how great for marketing social media can be it’s important to have a big following, when you have a large number of followers or likes it makes it much more likely that your posts will be shared, which then reaches more people. How much engagement you receive with your posts determines the algorithm, the more interaction the more your posts will be spread by the platform you’re using. If you’re struggling to grow your platform then a quick and easy way to do this much quicker is to buy facebook followers cheap, if your page has a lot of followers it makes other consumers much more likely to also follow your page so this is a better starting point.  

How social media has hindered the marketing game

Whilst on the surface social media seems like a fantastic tool for marketing, as it does provide new opportunities, there are some aspects of the latest changes in the marketing game that could actually be seen as a hindrance. Many people think that social media has actually had a negative impact on the marketing game as it has made the role of a salesperson obsolete.

With the development of technology and the amount of advertising that goes on, consumers have all the information they need about any product and it’s just a Google search away. This has made marketing much harder as 50 years ago if someone wanted to buy a car, they’d have to trust the marketing done by the salesperson, they would have no prior information, and this setup allowed for those who understood the game the best to sell mediocre products. This is not the case anymore, people will do all their own research on social media pages and then most people will even do a quick price check so they can go and purchase their products at the lowest price. This means that marketing is a completely different game now, people who excel at marketing can no longer sell as well as they used to and those who are successful at marketing now are those who have changed with the times.