The great Twitter chicken wars
February 17th, 2009
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One of my favorite Twitter users is PopeyesChicken. I even complimented the company in my post “Seven rules for establishing a corporate presence on Twitter” for being human and having a sense of humor. (The guy behind the account used to make inappropriate “nuggets” jokes which I really appreciated.)

But a few days ago, my romance with PopeyesChicken ended abruptly when I got a notice from Socialtoo that Popeyes had unfollowed me. I checked my followers list and verified the awful truth: dumped by a chicken. I’ve heard of people breaking up on social networks, but an unfollow has to be the unkindest click of the mouse.

Not long after, I discovered that Kentucky Fried Chicken was also on Twitter, as KFC_colonel. I guess I was on the rebound, so I decided to openly support KFC on Twitter as a way of retaliating against Popeyes for snubbing me. I promoted KFC with tweets like: “People behind @kfc_colonel are nice folks! Let’s help them out with a follow so they can achieve chicken parity on Twitter!” and “Slay the demon that is @Popeyeschicken!”

Keep in mind this was all in good fun. I don’t mind being unfollowed. OK, a little. I weep openly.

I included Popeyes in my updates hoping they would pick it up, and they did, tweeting: “I never quit following @jpostman! He must just want a piece of me. Looks like he’s gone over to the dark side.” Eventually they added me back and DM’d me that they hadn’t intentionally unfollowed. As KFC_colonel put it: “I love a story with a happy ending! Life’s too short to fight. Unless you’re fighting for the last piece of chicken in a bucket.”

I think it’s awesome that two “corporate spokespeople” can provide a useful customer service and have some fun while doing it. So if you’re on Twitter, follow them both if you don’t already. I’m going to chicken out and not say which one I prefer. I’ll just say they’re equally entertaining.

Update April 28, 2009: I just learned from a post by J C Lamkin on the Technically Speaking Radio blog that Church’s Chicken is now on Twitter. Let the great Twitter chicken wars continue!

Rian ONeill Named Winner of February Promotion for a Signed Copy of SocialCorp: Social Media Goes Corporate

Comments are still open on this post, but the promotion to leave a comment below to win a free copy of SocialCorp has ended. Rian ONeill is the winner! Congratulations Rian! Many thanks to everyone who commented and especially to @KFC_colonel and @PopeyesChicken for being tremendous good sports and great company spokespeople on Twitter!

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