Social Media Marketing For Businesses

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Social media marketing for a business is a term you have probably heard of quite often. You may however not be sure of how you can use social media for marketing or even believe that you can get clients through it because social is just that, social-no business here. However, this post is about some quick 411 you need to know about social media marketing for your business.

What is social media marketing?

Social media marketing can be best described as a form of internet marking. It involves achieving your marketing or branding goals via social media networks by creating and sharing relevant content. Content can include text, images, videos etc. and its sole purpose is to gain audience engagement for marketing efforts.

Social media marketing can be a DIY effort or paid advertising.

How social media marketing helps you meet your marketing goals/objectives

Your marketing goals may differ from other people but the following are some social media marketing can help you achieve:

  • Increasing your website traffic
  • Obtaining higher conversion rates from your leads
  • Creating and building your brand awareness
  • Creating a brand identity with a positive association
  • Improving your engagement with key target audiences
  • Better communication with current active clients thereby helping retain them
  • Keeping abreast of marketing trends and changes

You can achieve more goals that you have depending on how big your audience is as well as their engagement level.

How it can work for you

You need to understand the power of social media marketing and the way it can work in your favor. To see this, you have to try it out. However, everything starts with a strategy so here is one:

  • Pick one channel

Different channels require different kinds of content. Spreading yourself thin and conducting campaigns on all platforms will most likely not succeed. Repurposing content and having to present your content in different ways on every platform will prove too much. Specialize on one platform instead.

  • Clearly define your customer/target audience

Targeting effectively is vital for any kind of marketing including social media marketing. Once you know whom you want, it will be easier to create your message to suit them. The best way to do this is by developing buyer personas.

  • Set your goals

Now that you know who your target audience is, the next thing is to set clear social media campaign goals. Do not go for likes or such other minor goals. Go for goals like brand awareness and lead conversions. Remember to have achievable, realistic goals.

  • Develop an approach

This is about how exactly you are going to market to achieve your goals. High performing organizations focus on:

  1. Keeping pace with customers/target audience
  2. Content marketing-unique, original content
  3. Acquiring marketing talent
  • Generate goodwill

You got to have goodwill to succeed. The most effective way to get goodwill is to have high quality, informative content that demonstrates expertise. Remember to post regularly and use social media best practices.

Best social media platform

Facebook leads as the most popular social networking site as of July 2017. YouTube, Twitter, and others closely follow it.

Advantages of using social media for marketing

  • Broader audience reach
  • Ability to target specific groups
  • Low cost/ free for some
  • Allows for personal touch
  • It’s fast
  • It’s easy to use

Risks of using social media for marketing

  • Wrong or outdated strategies yield little/no tangible return
  • Fake news
  • Possible legal issues due to set down privacy/spam/ copyright etc. laws

Social media marketing may appear complex but if you focus correctly, it will always work for you.