Quora announces 2012 top writers program

October 30th, 2012
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Digital Underground’s Humpty Dance says it best. “Well, yeah, I guess it’s obvious, I also like to write.” It’s true. I love to write. Which is why I am addicted to Quora. So when Quora included me among its Top Writers for 2012, I was pretty happy about that.

According to Forbes:

“The program recognizes its best contributors–who provide the lifeblood of the site–based on three criteria: best quality contributions over the past year, and best contributions overall, and topic expertise in a specific area. While some of them are professional writers or journalists, most of them are not. The group includes 493 people from 30 countries, including lawyers, doctors, police officers, pilots, prison inmates, professors, engineers and venture capitalists.”

Robert Scoble responded to news of the program by posting, More elitism ahead, just what Quora needs to succeed.” on Quora’s Facebook page. I question this. What is a Klout score? What is an Ad Age Power 150 rating? Is it OK to recognize people who game the system with stupid SEO tricks, but not OK for people to be recognized for actual content expertise and writing proficiency? Seems like an ass-backwards view of what matters in the world.

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