Foursquare brought me closer to death today. Around 8:15 a.m. I checked in at the Apple Store in Los Gatos, California, and then walked a few doors down and checked in at Great Bear Cafe, where I ordered a mocha.

From across the cafe I heard “Is there a Joel Postman here? You have a phone call.” The young woman behind the counter said, “He says it’s an emergency.” I was a little puzzled since no one knew where I was, at least no one other than everyone on the Internet since I just checked in on foursquare.

I picked up the phone and said “hello,” and the brief conversation went like this:

Caller (with ominous voice): Death can find you anywhere, even at the Great Bear
Me (somewhat less ominous voice): OK
Caller: Go to if I die dot-com
Me: OK. I will. I guess I’ll say thank you then

I went to the web site but I must have misheard as there was nothing of interest there. I’m not sure what this is all about, whether it’s a prank, or part of a marketing stunt. I searched on “death” and “foursquare” on Google and didn’t find any mention of this. Maybe I’ll learn more soon.

Update: I’m fairly certain I was supposed to go to and not, and that this was some kind of PR or marketing stunt. My friend Nick gave me a link to an interesting storylast July about foursquare stalking. I consider my experience Wednesday harmless, though I was surprised that someone would contact me in person at the cafe. This sort of breaks the plane we imagine separates us from some of our more distant Internet friends, but which increasingly, does not.